First and foremost, thank you for your responses and you opinions. Thank you to all the experience members on the forum.

Here are my questions for; I have done one cycle of gear and that was 10 years ago when I was 30. I am turning 40 this year, 5'9" 200 lbs, about 17% BF. I am looking to gain about 7-10 lbs of muscle and lean out to about 185 lbs around 11-13% BF. What complete cycle should I be looking at for my goals. I am more interested in trimming down for summer. I am looking for Cycle advise as well as dosage. I am looking at Orals but I would be willing to take injectibles as well since I have done one in the past. Thank You, and this is what I was thinking. Please correct me and advise on dosage.

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Again please remember, I want to keep the cycle no more than 12 maybe go to 14 weeks. I want lean dry gains. thanks for the help.