M-lmg/h-drol/fuerza stack

  1. M-lmg/h-drol/fuerza stack

    I'm starting a new cycle of prohormone, this is my third cycle. I stacked andro mass and halo test twice, I had good gains, retained most of it. I took andro mass for 8 weeks at normal dosage and then halo test for 4 weeks at the normal dosage. This time I'm choosing to to stack m-lmg (wet), h-drol (dry), along with fuerza (more or less like winsrol for cutting).
    M-lmg 75/75/75/75/75/75
    H-drol 50/75/75/75/75
    Fuerza. 75/100/150/250/250
    Life cycle support as rec
    Fish oil double dose
    Milk thistle double dose
    Hawthorne berry double dose
    Grape seed extract double dose
    Mega men multivitamin three times a day

    For pct, I have got clomid and some test booster and some post cycle support supps

    I need some feed back on what you guys think about this stack. Thanks!

  2. How much do you weigh and height etc. fill in a few stats about yourself

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Harry Manback View Post
    How much do you weigh and height etc. fill in a few stats about yourself
    I weigh 195lb dry, bout 200lb soak. I'm 73inches tall (6'2) like I stated, this is my third cycle, been a gym rat for bout 6 years. My biggest question is do I need to add a test booster to the fuerza on my 7th week, since I would be off m-lmg and h-drol. Also from my research, I don't need an estrogen blocker. What do y'all think? Thanks for your input.

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