First cycle with anavar

  1. First cycle with anavar

    Hi everybody

    I'm sorry for my not correct form of english.This is my first post in this great forum.

    I'd like to receive some advice for this first cycle with anavar. Currently i'm almost 22years old, 163lbs and 5,74feet (175cm). I was very fat till 1year ago, almost 250lbs. I have also a excess skin near navel.

    Here there is the cycle that i want to do.

    1week>anavar 7.5mg/day
    2week>" 10mg/day
    3week>" 10mg/day + legalon 2times/day
    4week>" 15mg/day + legalon 2times/day
    5week>" 15mg/day + legalon 2times/day
    6week>" 15mg/day + legalon 2times/day
    7week>" 10mg/day + legalon 2times/day
    8week>" 7.5mg/day + legalon 2times/day
    9week> legalon 2times/day
    10week> legalon 2times/day

    Protein intake at 3.5g/lbm and +500kcal surplus.

    Any advice?Thanks

    p.s can i post my photo?

  2. thats a pretty girly dose for var. are you a guy?

  3. Yea that's a low dose, that's not enough var to make your small toe skinny.

  4. do a little more research there buddy. theres a reason people say var is expensive to run. men need to sit in the 35mg+ area



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