Can i run winny and dbol in same cycle

  1. Can i run winny and dbol in same cycle

    Hi first post, Im 23 training serious for 3 years. I did my first cycle 2 years ago. Test e 200/ 2 times a week. Saw great results. My diets clean cheat meal once a week.
    Stats 23 5"10 180 14% bf

    I've been researching my next cycle. And I have some questions.

    I want to run
    Test cyp weeks 1-14 500mg
    Dbol 30mg weeks 1-4
    Winny oral. 50 mg weeks 10-14

    I will be using an AI, an liver support. Before during and after. And I have pct.

    Can I take winny at the end of my cycle to get rid of water retention? Or is that too much?

  2. Some people do that. Or run var at the end of a cycle

  3. Winny is better water cutter isn't it? Or would var be better all around

  4. You can run var or winny from weeks 10-16 if you want. Winny will dry you out more.

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