Big and Strong with 5/3/1 and M-sten rx

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  1. Big and Strong with 5/3/1 and M-sten rx

    Hello guys, I would like to thank all who helped and added advice and criticism in my other posts in regards to this cycle. Starting at 5:30 am today I took my first 10mg dose of Iron mag labs M sten rx. My beginning stats are as follows:
    Ht 5'9
    wt 197- was 210 4 weeks ago and became unsatisfied with my bf% so I've been restricting calories(note my diet was seefood if you know what i mean)

    Current maxes with 5/3/1
    Dead: 405x9
    Squat: 385x8
    Bench: 285x4

    My goals for this cycle are to recomp and get stronger. I would very much like to continue to drop some more fat whilst adding some lean mass. I think a final bodyweight between 205-210 would be nice at a lower bf %. I would also like to see my total go up to over 1300. The last time I maxed for 1 rep I was at 495 dead, 415 squat, and 335 bench. This was all done in 2012 with the exception of the deadlift in january.

    On cycle I will be running;
    Msten rx, 4 andro rx , Ai cycle support, aegis, a multi, fish oil and some lclt

    pct will consist of :
    Tamoxifen Citrate, D aspartic acid, Ai Perform, E control rx(6 oxo), Ursol XT, and Cycle support
    I will most likely add some Crea-Trona and Ana Beta.(These are the only two that I have not purchased yet)

    I will update on monday as I do not expect to see much out of this for the first week or so; although ive read some logs and this stuff kicks in pretty quick. Regardless I wont expect much early and if by chance I do feel some sort of effect I will be pleasantly surprised and log it in here of course.

    Thanks for reading and please follow along!!


  2. Also in. Interested in this stack and the results.

  3. Kill it

  4. One thing to note. I wanna say after my a.m. dose I had sort of a stimmy feeling. Idk if it is because I am anxious to begin or if it related to the m sten. Will keep an eye on this.

    Thanks guys for following!

  5. I will try and have before pics uploaded by tommorrow

  6. You know I'm in this!
    Training log:

  7. The prodigal son has returned!

  8. Some before pics at 5am today no pump no flex no food ....baseline

    Name:  IMG_20130315_210228_0-1.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20130315_210336_0-1.jpg
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  9. As you can see theres a little fat I'd like to drop whilst on.

  10. Its gonna be interesting how you appetite is gonna be affected. Some people lose theirs from what I read. I had a huge appetite while on but I was stacking trenazone also and that made me super carb hungry

  11. I too have read both, I don't mind the appetite increase ill just eat more proteins. I have a stupid amount of tilapia and chicken in my freezer. I also wouldn't mind the suppressed appetite- although I really don't think anything can kill mine; my appetite is ravenous no matter what the compound.

  12. 3/17
    Bench press deload 5/3/1

    Paused Bench1 in from chest

    DB rows

    Rope pushdowns

    Bw dips 20x3
    Side laterals 20x10x3
    Face pulls 90x10x3

    Prowler pushed to finish off my sorry a$$ and that's a day....

    Nothing to report in ways of the msten

  13. Hey that's cheating...copying from herderdude haha


    Controlled Labs Board Rep
    [email protected]
    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  14. Thanks for following man!

    Herderdude is one sick and twisted individual it was snowing outside and about 28 he says "you know were pushing the prowler"

  15. 3/18 off day

    I'm noticing an elevated body temp I seem to be sweating more than usual, somethings working !

    Other than that nothing new to report

  16. 3/19 final deload day skwats to box
    135x5, 185x, 225x5

    Pause squats 2count
    225x15x3- 4th set got 10(at this point my lower back was locked up)

    Dumbbell rdl"s

    Leg ext 110x20x4
    Leg curl 110x15x4

    Calf press 260x20x5

    Side bends 100x20x2
    Weighed sit ups 45lbs x12x3

    3 miles on expresso bike.

    Felt good today, legs were pumped something fierce but not to the point I can attribute it to the msten.
    Weight is at 202.

    So far so good

  17. Dude, 15 rep pause squats? Approximate TUT of a marathon runner.

  18. screw that
    Controlled Labs Board Rep
    [email protected]
    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  19. Like I told you earlier I came in to get pump tarded, was my form tight?, most likely not. But I did it.anyways -was I a bit over zealous? Of course I was but you know me dude that's just how I am haha.

    The latter portion of the squats were probably tucked and ugly. Almost like I was catching back baseball days....bottom like is I went into the gym and got **** done haha

  20. 3/20. Ohp 5/3/1. 5 week

    115x5. 135x5. 155x8

    DB incline press
    80x11- last set was fried

    Chins bwx20 45lb plate x 10 25 lb plate x 10. Bwx15

    Neutral grip lat pulldown
    170x15x2. 130x15

    Triceps pushdowns(rope) 100x15x3 80x20
    Hammer curl. 40x10x3

    In all a good Session, pump came quick and recovery between sets was good. I swear I flew through this lift. In the ways of the msten vascularity is fantastic, if I could drop a % or two in bf I will look like a roadmap.

    No sides to report tommorrow is an off day time to rest and recoup for deadlifts!

  21. Quick update I have been experiencing back pumps yesterday and today. My Job requires me to be on my feet most of the day. Nothing crippling or severe but have decided to move deads to Saturday and start taking Taurine ,potassium and cranberry extract today as a precaution. I will be benching today instead. Will update later and note any changes.

  22. 3/22
    5/3/1 bench 5 week

    205x5. 235x5 265x6. I had no spotter I was a bit wary of continuing I didn't want to decapitate myself.

    Dumbbell bench press
    90x20(absolutely smoked this set)
    100x12. I was thouroughly impressed with my recovery between these sets. Definitely the highlight of my workout.

    Hammer strength incline press
    90lbs per side single arm press
    4 sets of 10 slow negatives

    Dumbbells rows
    120x10-- my grip progressively became worse. I don't want to use straps though.

    Triceps pushdown v-bar/triangle

    Face pulls

    Finished up with some weighted sit ups and cardio

    Great intensity and aggression today. Weight was 206 today. I have been hoarding water. Still look dry but definitely beginning to notice a Fuller look.

    Good things happening more to come!

  23. 3/23

    295x5. 355x5 395x10

    Leg press.

    Hamstring curls

    Hanging leg raises
    Weighted sit ups
    Ab wheel

    Rotary calf

    Good strong deadlift session, back was pretty tight towards the end..but that's to be expected
    Noticing increased vascularity and aggression. My mood has been pretty elevated as of late despite me.being very confrontational. -please note that this is one of my more prominent attributes. I have always been willing to argue/bicker. This is most often a result of my honesty which is pretty harsh
    There's no grey areas with me haha

  24. So after much deliberation and convincing I have decided to switch training methods from 5/3/1 to the cube(*guess who facilitated that). Let it be said that 5/3/1 is extremely effective at building strength I have just opted for tthe program that I feel offers more specificity.

    3/26 cube heavy squat day

    365x2. 5sets

    Pause squats 205x3 reps. 3 second hold 3 sets- I learned my lesson last week

    Hamstring curls 110x15x4
    Quadriceps ext 170x15x4

    Ab wheel and knee raises
    3x15 each

    This training session was great, I was challenged by the squats and feel as if I have made a step in the right direction adding to my total. Legs feel strong and the msten is providing good aggression and pumps. It's day 11 and I cannot say much in the ways of "feeling on" but I do know that I come into the gym with a better Intensity and drive. Appetite is way up as well as libido and I am having a hard time keeping to the recompense goal. I may just feed the monster for the duration and make the most of what I have. My weight is between 204-207 morning/evening. I look Fuller and seem to feel what may be a stronger mind muscle connection.
    Hopefully things continue and this stuff really kicks into gear sides to report.


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