Big and Strong with 5/3/1 and M-sten rx

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  1. Yep, only like 2 days a week. Either basketball or stationary bike
    Bout 30-45 minutes per

  2. Refer to herderdudes log for today's update....

  3. In for progress. Just added 16mg e/d of Msten to my 1/4/19dhea run, so hoping to gain some quality weight like your and keep piling weight on the bar.

    Great work up in here man.
    Orbit Nutrition Rep
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  4. Thanks man, definitely a quality compound. I feel great not much of anything in the way of side effects. I feel like its a very clean designer, I also think it has a bit androgenic effects

  5. Hey guys im back with another update and some news. Its been one heck of a weekend from a friday deadlift party to the pittsburgh monster bench press and deadlift meet. I got a chance to witness some great things and learn alot. One of the things I learned about was a strongman competition on may 11 about 25 miles from my house!! So er hem, drumroll please.....I am going to be participating in this one! Now I know it seems I have training ADD but i swear I do not. To look at it realistically my training for this event will not differ greatly from the cube,westside or 5/3/1.
    Log press, farmers walks, atlas stones, tire flips, and car deadlifts. Its a whole lot of the same thing with alot more GPP. So in a nutshell I have set out to prepare myself as well as I can for this event. I will continue to post updates and will start pushing the prowler alot more in attempts to increase my overall work capacity so as not to fizzle out quickly on the 11th.

    In summary of this past weekend I deadlifted on friday and managed a top set of 475x1 and i also did a fair amount of bench pressing and some board presses. I feel that at the moment all the finer minute details of my past training sessions are not of great importance. I know a few things; I am stronger than I was 3 weeks ago and I look "much" better than I had 3 weeks ago. Msten is the bees knees, I feel great and almost free of all side effects. Unless you count being jacked and tan a side effect.-Note that I am not tan at all.

  6. Maybe I missed it but what are you dosing things at?

  7. I dosed it at 20 mg a day 4 weeks and pct is nolva 40/20/20/10


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