1. PCT-RECOMP (IF brought to you by Formutech Nutrition)

    Just finished my cycle at anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle-info/222389-osta-19nor-4-a.html and decided to take a different approach to my PCT. Im going to attempt to maximize my results by doing a PCT that includes Intermittent fasting and some other tricks I want to test out.

    Stats at the beginning on PCT:

    PCT lineup:
    Nolva: 40/20/10/10/0/0/0/0
    DAA: 6g/3g/3g/3g/3g/3g/3g/3g
    Pro liver: 3/3/3/3/0/0/0/0
    Revolution PCT: 0/0/0/0/2/2/2/2
    Arom-x: 0/0/0/0/2/2/2/2
    Ostarine: 5/5/5/5/0/0/0/0
    7 keto: 100/100/100/100/0/0/0/0
    Cissus 40% ketosterones: 3g/3g/3g/3g/3g/3g/3g/3g
    IF Oriented supplements:
    Oxy Elite Pro powder (130g): 1 scoop in the morning. (possibly 2 depending on reaction).
    Natural EFX (Sponsored as well): 2 caps before bed.
    BCAA: 10g early in the morning and 10g before workout.
    Green tea extract 50% EGCG: 1 early in the morning, 1 cap before workout.

    Intermittent fasting:
    I will be doing a approximately 6 hour window starting at 1pm through 7pm.

    Since its a recomp i will go down from the 3500 calories i was on during cycle to 3000 calories (could vary depending on results from first 2 weeks).
    Macros are 33/33/33 With carbs restricted to meals immediately before and after workout.

    Im shooting for:
    Day 1: Chest/shoulder/triceps
    Day 2: HIIT (sprints)
    Day 3: Back/Biceps
    Day 4: HIIT (Boxing or crossfit-ish workout) or LIST (Walking on treadmill) depending on how sore my upperbody is.
    Day 5: Legs/Traps
    Day 6: LIST/HIIT (Boxing) depending on soreness
    Day 7: Rest

    Weightlifting routines are going to be comprised of high weight low reps (6 aprox). Mainly compound movements.

    ***Again this is a experimental PCT its not meant to be the optimal standard PCT. However if you can chime in with some advice im more than glad to hear you out and adjust if I feel that you have a good point.****

  2. Week 1:
    Ive been on spring break and my training and stuff has not gone perfectly but i tried to keep stuff rolling. After a week a did give all of the supplements a try and i have to say I am unable to take the Lean EFX. Every day i have taken it its given me severe nausea 30 mins after i take it, so i guess when it kicks in. It also worsened a flu headache every day i took it. Because of that ive decided to drop it and replace it with Oxy Elite pro powder (130g) that should be coming in soon.

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