First Cycle Advice

  1. First Cycle Advice

    I am currently dieting for my first bodybuilding show and I am considering trying a cycle. Not sure what just yet, but I have been referred to Test CYP. Can anyone tell me something about this or your own results/side effects that came? Trying to gather as much information as possible before I make a decision.


    Current stats:
    236 lbs
    Show date is Sept. 21st

  2. Well. It's testosterone. So all the usual sides are going to be there.
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  3. test Cyp is a slow ester and is usually used for 10-12+ weeks. First cycle best to use by itself or maybe one mild oral like tbol or anavar. You need proper on cycle sups and ancilleries such as an AI for estrogen control and a proper PCT ( post cycle treatment).

    There are several drug profile sites that list all the side effects and what not, just google it.

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