M-Sten then branch off to a M-drol cycle?

  1. M-Sten then branch off to a M-drol cycle?

    I am currently on a cycle of M-sten at 20mg/ed. The strength gains are amazing, the weight....not so much. I've only gained a couple pounds in two and a half weeks, whilst having my diet in check and weight lifting schedule going good. I can't complain about the strength gains, also, I've had NO side effects what so ever. But I want to up my weight. I want to gain ATLEAST another solid 10 lbs and I have just recently got my hands on some M-Drol (Superdrol) of which I have never tried this prohormone before either (I just started prohormones about a year or so ago), but just out of curiousity and I'm not looking to seem like a fool or anything, but since I haven't seen any side effects from M-sten at 20mg/ed, after i finish the M-sten, would it be wise/okay to go directly into another 4 week m-drol cycle at 10/20/20/20-30 and THEN do a full 6 week PCT, Nolva, Clomid, Creatine, Liver Supports, DAA and possibly another test booster?

    All in all, I'm just curious as to if I should finish my m-sten, then do PCT OR (hopefully/preferably) finish my m-sten, then 4 weeks of m-drol and a good, heavy 6 week PCT protocol afterwards. Also, keep in mind, I've never really been prone to any side effects or liver effects (to my knowledge), my only real effect I have sometimes is that I can tell my bloodpressure is up... other than that, I'm completely fine on cycle.

    What should I do??

    Also, if you've tried m-drol before, tell me about your gains, eating habits, side effects and such. I'd love to hear more about it from someone personally.

  2. Pct, then when you're ready to cycle again you should have had enough time to research a bit and plan a nice bulk cycle.
    From the reviews I've read, m-sten solo is not ideal for a bulk.
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  3. I would wait till after pct. basically take 8 weeks off than go to Mdrol. If you can't wait get blood checked and go for it. But I suggest wait at least 4 weeks after your pct. Fl3x gave goo advice as well
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