getting hayooge! with super dmz 2.0

  1. getting hayooge! with super dmz 2.0

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    Super DMZ 2.0 log

    Hey everyone, I am new to this site. This is myfirst post and i wanted to make a log about my experience with dmz 2.0 as i amvery excited for it! I ran the original Super DMZ and got up to about 212pounds. pretty rock solid. As of now here are my stats..Height 6'2"Weight 188.. sitting probably around 8% body fat. very lean.Measurements:Arms: 16"Legs: 23"Chest: 44"Calves: 15"Waist: 31"Goals of these are to get my chest bigger as well as my legs calvesLifts: I will post what i know.Bench: 290 lbsSquat: 250 honestly I dont know why this is so low. I feel like it has a lot todo with the fact that i am a distance runner being a marine it has always beenabout endurance. I feel like i lost a lot of explosiveness and power which I amtrying to get back on this cycle. Want to definitely increase these numbers.Leg Press: 600*Deadlift: 335Barbell Rows: Havent really maxed on these but do heavy sets with roughly205-210x3Now things i will be running on cycle and pills per daySuper DMZ 2.0: 2/2/2/2Anabolic Matrix: 2/2/2/2Protex Cycle Assist: 2/2/2/2 or 3/3/3/3 whatever is recommendedSupporting supplements:Triple Strength Fishoil*CLAWhey PoteinMultivitaminsPost Cycle Therapy:Lean extreme: 3/3/3/3Post Cycle 3x: 3/3/3/3Anabolic Matrix: 2/2/2/2Ultra Male: 2/2/2/2E-Control Rx: 3/3/3/3Also have some extra kre-alkalyn might use might notAlso have enough nolva for 20/20/10/10 if necessary.Goals diet wise is to eat clean I want this to be as lean a bulk as possible.looking at starting around 3500 cals moving up to 4000 cals if i have to.High protein, High carb, low fat diet with only essential healthy fatsAs a workout routine, because of the extra speedy recovery i am looking at this:Sunday: OFFMonday: Chest, Shoulders, TrisTuesday: Back, bis, trapsWednesday: LegsThursday: Chest, Shoulders, TrisFriday: Back, bis, trapsSaturday: LegsThis way I am training everything twice a week. I will be doing moderate to fairly heavy weight. Pyramiding down. sets of 10 down to 5. This way when i start PCT i am going to drop the reps and increase the weight to try and help retain as much mass as i can. PCT time sets will be anywhere from 1-5 reps, so very heavyCardio will be sprint/HIIT type training for 20-30 mins on Monday and Friday. Thursday wil be a low intensity 30 min cardio session probably on a bike to help loosen up after that initial leg day. If i have trouble seeing size I may reduce cardio but from what i currently do of cardio this is a drastic cut for me.If there is anything else that i am missing please let me know, any tips would be appreciated as well! I am excited to start this cycle come monday and hopefully i can get some before pics up this weekend. I dont have much going on anyway. Once cycle starts I will log a often as i can and hopefully a minimum of 2 or 3 times a week. I want this to be very detailed to benefit you guys but to also benefit me and learn from this cycle

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  3. Before pics!
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