1. Msten+Trenazone+MENT/Stano

    Plan for the next cycle. After reading every damned log I could find this is the result. The MSTEN dosage will increase as intended, but I remain very open to varying dose based on sides. In regards to the Tren, that's all I have on hand, and I'm not particularly inclined to dose very heavy this time around. I've read a fair amount regarding prolactin issues, but it's starting to seem the risk, if it is even genuinely present, is rather meager. Certainly nothing that would suggest running 1ml would be problematic. I have p5p on hand just in case. I'm not adverse to Inhibit-P is necessary. The mentabolan is a leftover from a previous cycle. Intent there is to really to just add a kicker to the cycle and to add something a little wet. The dosages are fairly low based on what I've seen, and it'll probably just be for preworkout boost, but I'd like to clear it out of the stash. Also, have my hands on a bottle of Stano. Mentabolan is definitely the better bulker, but really I'm only taking MENT/Stano to combat lethargy, so if anyone has some advice it'd be appreciated. On 40mg EPI sometimes I was little more than an extremely dry zombie.

    MSTEN: 12/16/16/20/20
    Tren: 0/1/1/1/1
    MENT: 20/20/20/20/20

    Torem: 90/60/60/30
    Clomid: 25/25/25/0
    DAA + Erase

    The usual accessory sups will be present. Fish Oil, TUDCA, CEL CycleSupport, etc.

    As far as I've understood, Torem and Clomid achieve the same result via slightly different mechanisms of action that ended up working well in tandem. Please let me know if this is incorrect. I've used a lighter version of the same PCT previously, but I'm anticipating some fairly extreme shutdown from this cycle.

    Lastly, in the event someone wishes to suggest an actual test backer, while I can see why it would be beneficial, it is not something I can presently get my hands on.

    Let me know what you think.

  2. I'd save the tren for when u have enough to run it at a decent also run the msten @20 the whole time. And buy some more ment it's cheap

  3. Running msten at 20 the whole time is doable. Certainly don't have to tell me twice to run something that effective at a higher dose. I've seen some crazies running it north of 30, but I'm keeping my hard cap at 20mg. In regards to the tren and ment, this is all current stock and I'd prefer not to spend any more money. However, if the board deems it worthwhile, I can postpone things until I have the money to push a more proper cycle.

  4. I'd just save the tren. The ment to. Msten at 20 is going to be doing all the work anyway.

  5. Tracking. Too easy. What's your take on using the stano to avoid lethargy and the like? I very much would prefer to avoid it if at all possible. It was terrible. Only side I've ever experienced, but once it occurred, it was fairly ruinous.

  6. i would get a 4 dhea product. you could run the mentabolan but ud need a higher dose

  7. Got it.

    If, hypothetically speaking I had no money left to spend at present, could the stano be used to combat the lethargy to any degree? Or have I misinterpreted it's function?

  8. No it can help. The best thing for lethargy is a good stim and a lot of carbs. U just have to power through. Carbs will help a lot. My buddy eats pretzels. On some days a whole bag. But it gets him up and to the gym. I use caffiene.
    Stano might help. Ment might help. 4ad might help. But the bottom line is ur on toxic substances and u have no testosterone. I say save the excess compounds, because they are low dosed and u can use them on another cycle when u have money to buy more. As far as stano, I like to run it at 1.2 grams aday. Others like it at 800, some even lower. If u want to run it run. But I think carbs will really help with the lethargy

  9. Tracking. Run more msten, pound carbs, eschew ment, apply stano as necessary, drive on.

    Appreciate the help.

  10. Hope it's a good run. Are u cutting or bulking

  11. Bulking, definitely. For a cut I'd have probably thrown Epi or something similar instead of entertaining the notion of ment.

  12. Werd, yeah then just carb load, that should help with the lethargy


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