How yall doing? I've been reading from this forum and learned quite a bit, thanks for that

First off im about 5'10, 170lbs,12-14% bf and 30 years old
Ive been working out on and off for a couple of years now and stayed in decent shape(could be better). ive been more focused and serious for the past few months. I've took a prohormone last summer and gotten decent result but a small case of gyno(isnt noticeable).
I purchased Epi and Diesel recently and was going to stack them together but i realized 2 methyls at once will be harsh on my liver and health always comes first.

I got a few questions
Compared to stacking them together at the same time would it be harsher on my liver if i do a 8 week cycle....
1-6 Transderm 5 pumps
1-4 Epi(2 caps a day)
5-8 diesel(2 caps a day)
5-14 forma-stanzol(help avoid sides of gyno on diesel and pct)

Or should i just do the epi for 4 weeks then pct and recover and then run the diesel after?

im looking for the safest and most effective cycle...

my stack right now is .....
1-4 Epi strong(2 caps a day)
RS transderm 5 pumps a day

Add ons:
n2slin 3 caps a day
n2guard 7 caps a night
curcurim 3 caps a day
green tea extract 2 caps a day
vitamin b12( i don't eat 2 much red meat)
vitamin D3 10,000 IU a day

Recomping during the epi cycle would be best but i wanna focus more on losing fat tho before the diesel(bulk).

Honest opinions and thanks yall....