I am new at this website so please excuse me if I am going about this forum wrong. I am on my way to college and I hope to walk on to the football team and it is a D-1 school. I am training extensively with personal trainer Sunday at 2pm, Wednesday at 530pm and Friday at noon. He works my upper body really hard and he is a very smart man when it comes to working out. For my lower body I am doing a program called "The Jump Manual" Mon, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday. Tuesday and Thursday I am working speed and agility drills with another trainer who played D1 basketball and was a previous coach of mine. I work Monday- Thursday 7am until 5pm and on Friday from 7am-11am. With all that being said I want to start a cycle of xtreme pharma's testosterone enanthate 200mg + Trenbolone enathate 100mg (It's mixed in the same vial so i assume it is called Testatren). I have Clomiphene Citrate (100 mg) for after my cycle and 60 tablets of liv52. I was considering adding in a bottle or two of Anabolic Muscle Labs Winny 50mg tablets. I am requesting help in:

1.determining the doage of Testatren I should inject (600mg total)
2. The days and times that I should inject it (i am thinking 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
4. How long I should run my cycle (8,10,or 12 weeks?)
5. How I should cycle the Winny tablets?
6.Is there anything else that I should consider into my cycle?