1st cycle, short cycle test p log

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by TEH253 View Post

    Lol that's why I have my good friend here (;
    Is this gonna get sexy between you two haha? Ill just close my eyes ha.
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  2. Day 34:

    So I forgot to add this in yesterday's post but when I was doing shoulders for no reason something in my neck/back/shoulder area got pinched and was really tight and sore. Took some ibuprofen before my game so I could turn me head and that helped enough that I forgot about it.

    Which brings me to today. No am cardio since I didn't wanna push it and hit the bag with whatever was going on in my neck. As the day went on it loosened up so I went to the gym and did arms. And I mean DID EM. One of the best workouts I've had. For no particular reason I was just feeling it today.

    Also, I've decided to take the weekend off from really strict dieting (aka tracking and eating clean) and just enjoy some extra cals and rest. Come Monday I'm gonna start slowly scaling back the cals and work my way into a cut by the end of my pct.
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  3. Day 35:

    So after one evening if eating everything in sight I've put a few lbs back on ha. Continued my eat a thon today as well. Tomorrow I plan to do a family brunch and then taper off the eating throughout the day. Gonna stay out of the gym tomorrow just to recoup and get settled for the start of my cut.

    Overall still feeling good. My bp went way up today due to what I'm sure was the drastic diet change ha. I literally could feel my heart pumping and when I measure it was like 181/100 so ill have to keep an eye on that. Added in some cycle support and half an aspirin to help for today but I think the main issue was low water and high sodium from my binge eating ha.
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  4. Day 36:

    Still loading up on the food and its def showing. Feeling pretty bloated but I'm sure this will help keep the muscle I built during my cycle. Plus it'll be a good prep for my cutting that'll start tomorrow. Slow cut this time with some high intensity workouts and some short am cardio sessions. Plan is to taper down carbs and this cals as the weeks go on and add in a fat burner at about 3 weeks in.
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  5. I know the cycle is over but I saw yu said you where gonna pin delts then work them. I get best pumps from doin that to bi's and tri's and calfs.... Any muscle will work. Good to see you branch out and try other muscles to pin.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Pypp View Post
    Do you have a helpful site for pinning locations? Im planning to start next week and don't know how to shoot glute
    You can pin any muscle you want other then forearms and hams.... Both can be done, but leave those out.... Way to many nerves and vessels to hit.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by usealittle View Post
    I know the cycle is over but I saw yu said you where gonna pin delts then work them. I get best pumps from doin that to bi's and tri's and calfs.... Any muscle will work. Good to see you branch out and try other muscles to pin.
    I really liked the day of when I did the delt pin and pump but I did feel like they were sore far longer from it. Also I got a bit of a hard spot on my left delt after that so I'm not sure if it was from that method or just a bad pin. Either way it felt amazing that day and if I def plan on trying the bis next cycle with a smaller amount... Maybe .5ml or so.
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  8. Day 37:

    So after a weekend of eating everything in sight it felt good to clean it up today. Morning cardio was a quick 15min heavy bag and stair runs session (1min of each, repeat). I decided to drop the roxylean that I was taking for a few weeks and add it back in once I've gotten some results from just diet and training.

    Afternoon training was my first day on a new hi intensity program. The lifts aren't all that hit but in between each set you do some type of cardio type exercise (run in place, kettlebell swings, bench step ups, etc) for a min instead of just resting. It was pretty sweet and I was sweating like a mofo.

    After that I ha back to back Dek hockey games and man was that brutal. It's amazing how out of shape you can get from one weekend of junk food. I felt like a slug. Can't wait to get my stamina back on par and really show off the new size I've built. Time to carve out some new shapes!
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  9. Day 38:

    Big weight drop partially because of carbs and junk clearing out of my system and part just due to dehydration from gym and 2 hockey games last night back to back to back. Had another 1in hiit heavy bag and stair climbing session this morning. Afternoon workout was legs shoulders and calves. That's a brutal workout anytime but with the addition of this new high intensity lifting an cardio man was this a killer. Prob the sweatiest and most exhausted I've been in awhile.

    Strength still seems to be pretty good even after a week and a half off cycle. Hoping that just stays through pct.
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  10. Day 39:

    So I didn't get a chance to update last night as I went to be at 6pm ha. Well mostly, I did get up at 10p to eat ha. The reason was that all day I was just exhausted and falling asleep at my desk but figured if feel fine once I got moving at the gym. For the first time in I don't even know how long i was just dead even after starting. Was barely able to finish the back portion of back/traps/biceps so I decided to do one big shrug set and call it a day. Went home, showered, ate, and went to bed. Then got up and ate some more then back to bed ha. Solid night.
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  11. Day 40:

    Forgot to weigh myself this morning... Must've been all the sleep I got ha. Felt like a new man today so clearly I was just run down. Had a really solid chest/triceps workout this afternoon and then went and picked up my new truck. Solid man day.
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  12. Day 41:

    Definitely feeling tired the usual lately. Not sure whether its due to the training or just the lack of sleep I've been getting the last week or so. Still having pretty good gym days though so ill just have to rest up over the weekend and keep at it.

    Sunday will be my last day of 50mg Ed of Nolva. For the last 2 weeks of pct ill be doing 50 eod. Since that's the dose in my pills and I don't want to have to split them.
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  13. Day 42:

    No clue why the huge weight drop overnight but ill def ate enough so we will see. Today was back and biceps. Ha a solid day doing dead lifts but was a bit worn by the time I got to the biceps portion. Not sure if its being off and losing a bit of strength or if I was just tired but I wast able to curl as much as usual with the barbells. Dumbbells didn't seem to be much of an issue though so maybe just some tired joints.
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  14. Day 43:

    Looks like I've lost a bit of weight which is ok by me but trying to keep most of my gains still. Overall size wise I feel like I haven't lost anything so maybe just some bf which is good. Today was a rest day which was good to get some misc stuff done around the house as well as getting the camaro ready for the nice weather. Should be a good summer coming
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  15. So 20lb gain 5 lb loss so far. In my book thats still dam good bro keep at it

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Imskyhigh87 View Post
    So 20lb gain 5 lb loss so far. In my book thats still dam good bro keep at it
    For sure especially for a 4 week cycle at fairly low doses. And I was zero carb for about 10 days before the cycle so there was def some water weight in there too.
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  17. Day 44:

    So the weight is still fluctuating a bit but def holding most of my gains which is really good. Had quite a day today that included a monster chest/tri workout followed by a massive food shopping spree and then basically all of my calories for the day in one massive meal ha. I'm about 5 minutes from an epic food coma and it feels so good.
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  18. Day 45:

    Nothing special to speak of today as it was a cardio only day. Something I did forget to mention yesterday was that my elbow and shoulder joints were pretty achy. I'm thinking its the ad3-pct that's doing it which is good since I know it's working. If it gets bad ill prob skip a day of dosing and see if that helps. Tomorrow will be back in the gym for shoulders and legs which is my favorite ha. Gonna have a monster session
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  19. Day 46:

    Was really feeling good today when I got to the gym and it showed in my lifts. Strength and stamina were both great I think due to getting plants of rest and sleep lately. Really seems to be making a difference in how I feel the last few days vs early last week. Can't wait to see how sore the legs are tomorrow after doing some serious squatting and leg pressing.
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  20. Day 47:

    Had a cardio only day which consisted mostly of some high speed grass cutting ha. Damn rain has my grass growing like an inch an hour. Definitely need to get back into the swing of the cardio cuz I def feel out of shape as far as stamina goes.

    Now that I'm nearing the end of my pct in about ready to start hitting the bars and getting back to my pimp game ha. Should be a good summer with some new toys to show off
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by Lifting View Post
    You ever mess with creatine?
    Of course. Added it back in when I started pct.
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  22. Day 48:

    Had a long ass day at work and couldn't wait to get to the gym. Got there and cruuuussshhhed arms. Triceps are gonna be killing me tomorrow which should be awesome.

    Also finally got my hair cut ha. First time since about a month before my cycle so it's been pretty outta control. Couldn't bring myself to shave off the cycle beard yet tho ha.

    Once I finally got home I ate basically my entire days calories in one meal and am now about to explode.

    3c brown rice,1.5c oatmeal, 2.5c rice cereal, 5 egg whites, 2c chicken, big ass salad, 1c cottage chz, 1 sc whey, 1 sc casein, 64oz of water. I'm going into a coma now....
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  23. Day 49:

    Nice easy Saturday until my ice hockey game. We had 6 skaters show up so me and 1 other kid got to play tw whole game. With about a minute left I got boarded like a mofo so now my head had been swimming for 3 hrs. Should be a solid night ha. Hopefully it'll just be a headache by the morning cuz tomorrow is back and ill be damned if I'm missing dead lift day.

    Overall feeling pretty good except for some high bp still. Gonna jump back on the cycle assist for the next week or so while I finish up my pct and then just keep an eye on it. Still managed to keep pretty much everything I gained which is amazing considering its about 15lb. Not bad for a 4 weeker woo
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  24. Day 50:

    Well after falling asleep on my couch last night (which prob wasn't the best idea considering that I was still woozy hours after getting boarded in my hockey game ha) I ended up getting a good nights sleep and felt fine this morning so I guess nothing to worry about. Today was back abs and calves and high weight low reps. Crushed dead lifts to start and only got better from there. Afterwards I went to my sisters for a family dinner and ate everything in sight (which was all clean since she's a vegetarian anyway but made steak just for me ha. What a champ). About to hit the hay and get ready for my final week of pct.
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  25. Day 51:

    Started up my am cardio sessions again as well as adding in some roxylean and CLA. let the cutting begin.

    Workout today was super high weight/low reps chest and a quick couple triceps sets just to top it off. Didn't get to eat until late again today so another monster meal all at once. Not gonna lie though in a huge glutton and am loving eating for like an hour + almost as fast as I can swallow ha.
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  26. Day 52:

    AM cardio, long ass day at work, hockey game and then dinner. Spectacularly boring day. Basically just a rest day before tomorrow's legs/shoulders slaughter.
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  27. Day 53:

    Legs and shoulders today. Super heavy weight/low reps/high volume. Had a great shoulder portion but when I got to legs my left calf started cramping up on me. Really messed up my hamstring curls and leg presses which sucked but I still felt pretty good about the workout overall. Can't wait for next week to get some serious high reps and pump the hell out of my legs. Love that "just did legs" stumble you get on the way out of the gym ha.

    At the end of this week I plan to post up an overview of the whole cycle, starting and ending stats figures weights and before/after pics. I prob won't keep updating after that unless people want to see how my cutting goes.

    I'm also currently beginning to plan out another cycle, definitely another short burst (4-6wks or so) and am considering a test p/tren a blast as a cutting cycle for the end of summer. Probably would try to start around July and then be ripped up for aug/sept.

    I'm also gonna try out a leangains/IF style diet for the next 8weeks and see how that goes so any tips pointers are appreciated. I'm reading everything I can find on it and am really interested in the flexibility it allows (similar to CBL)
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  28. Day 54:

    Active rest day today. Decided to try out some of walden farms calorie free peanut butter... Not too good ha. It's basically brown marshmallow fluff with a hint of peanut. I think I'd rather just work off the extra calories and enjoy the real thing ha. Besides that just relaxing. Got my bp checked and everything is back to its normal low levels (100/65) so I'm really feeling like everything went perfectly with this cycle.
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  29. Day 55:

    Arm day today... Had a really busy day and forced my fast a bit longer then I planned but I'm definitely getting used to it. Haven't seen any body comp changes as of yet but I do enjoy the bigger meals late and not having to worry throughout the day.

    Tomorrow will be my last Nolva dose for pct. I've been planning out my next cycle and will start a new thread for it and prob log it as well. Tentatively looking at 8 weeks off (cycle+pct) then doing a cutting cycle. Ill post the link to the new thread here once I start it
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  30. Day 56:

    Good cardio day but that's about it. Feeling like the leangains/if style dieting is great mean tally but so far nothing much to speak of for results. I'm slowly gonna be taking out carbs from each training day until I feel like I'm seeing better results as I'm starting to feel a bit softer then I'd like.

    Tomorrow will be my final weigh in and picture so ill try to get those final stats in here sometime next week.
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