Cycle question

  1. Cycle question

    This is my first post but have been reading for the past few months. I'm about ready to start my first cycle but want to get a little advise first.
    I have just had delivered the following:
    Test E 6000mg
    Anavar 5000mg
    Hgh 300IU
    Armidex 21mg
    HCG 34000IU
    Nolvadex 1800mg
    Clomid 3000mg

    My cycle will run 12 weeks of the following:
    Test E 500mg per week
    Anavar 50mg per day (leaving me 1200mg left over)
    HGH 5IU per day (5days on 2days off)
    Armidex 0.5mg every other day
    And a 2week cycle if HCG in the middle(weeks 7&8)

    Will be taking liver stabil, lipid stabil, fish oil daily. From my reading I'm starting to think it might be a bit much for my first cycle or if there is anything i could change/add to better this cycle. Any advise is welcome.

  2. Id look into some grapeseed extract or a comprehensive cycle support like cycle assist or maybe add a few more staples to your supports
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  3. So you bought the stuff and now your asking questions?

  4. So... Your gonna run var at 50mg for 12wks? And unless its a misprint 21mg of adex is not a lot.

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