Test P/Tren An upcoming cycle

  1. Test P/Tren An upcoming cycle

    Been searching through the forums and when ive found threads on this stack cant seem to find the right replies. Im planning an upcoming cycle of Test P and Tren A. Every thread ive read seems to be different with doses. Some say start tren at 50 eod some say 75 and some say 100. My experience with things is low dosing (on anything i put in my body) doesnt work well for me. I was thinking maybe 200 test P and 400 tren a a week or would that be to high to start out with tren? And starting the first week at a low dose how long should I wait before I start creeping the dosages up? Also possible might run tren the last few weeks also but still debating.

    My last cycle was Test C @500mg for 12 weeks and ran a nolva/clomid. Well only ran clomid for the first week but I dunno if it was the mixture of the 2 or being in the sun 12 hours a day everyday but made me sick as a dog so I cut it off. Been researching around lately and seem PCT is a little different than 3 years ago when I was researching. Since I will be in the same boat of being in the sun 12 hours a day and cant afford to be motion sickness due to the fact I work on a boat I didnt want to use clomid but will run Nolva. What ive been seeing lately is people running hcg and Aromasin. Are these 2 needed or is nolva still sufficient? I want to make sure my test levels are good and stay higher after PCT because I have low test levels to begin with. Trying to get my PCT down pat before I think about an order. Advise or verbal beatdowns welcome just want to get all the info I need before I start. Thanks

  2. Are you dead set on running tren? I love prop myself, but are you sure your up for pinning eod/Ed with your job? I know soreness can be a pain for some people and I can see where having a blue collar job would be a pain in the ass (literally)..tren is a beast IMO I would stick with test and Maybe front load with dbol 40mg for 4 weeks. Also, if your set on prop Maybe look into running some NPP? As far as pct I believe clomid is superior over Nolva if you choose to just run one or the other. As far as dosage clomid 300mg day 1,2-14100mg,14-28 50mg...40mg of Nolva daily...hope that helps.. Maybe look into some peps during pct it really helps me maintain gains off cycle. Igf des is my peptide of choice but everyone is different..but if you do go against people's advice and run tren A I would start with 75mg eod and bump up as desired..or just dose as you feel needed its such a short ester you will know sooner rather then later how you are responding to it. if sides become extreme you can drop tren and bump test up being as the ace will clear system quickly.

  3. Look into running an AI such as liquidex .25 eod it will help aid in recovery. Run it from wk one through pct. As far as hcg goes I do think it's benificial if running high doses of test or multiple compounds such as deca that shuts you down hard. In beginning cycles I have ran 500-600mg test only cycles with liquidex being ran eod as mentioned with no hcg and I recovered well and kept 90% of my gains. Hope this bit of info has helped.

  4. BUT if you haven't cycled in 3 years, you by no means are ready for tren even of it is ace. I mentioned NPP before, forget that I didn't realize it had been 3 years since your first cycle! Stick with test e man 12 wks, dbol 40mg first 4 weeks and pct clomid like I laid out above. Run the liquidex, eat good, train hard, rest....you will not be disappointed man that is all you will need. Save the other compounds for cycle 3 or 4. Benefit from test only cycles while you can!

  5. mainly leaning up is my goal that's why I wanted to run tren. I've seen awesome results from friends that's why I wanted to give it a shot. And with prop also. Pinning won't be a problem. I work on a parasail boat not off shore or anything and very active so I don't think it's goin to be to much of a problem. My buddy didn't have any running tren with the same job. I've researched enough on it and know its potent stuff I just really wanted to give it a shot and see how I liked it. And if worse comes to worse with the short etster I can stop it and save it for another time. I'm trying to pin down my pct and make sure I can find everything I need. My sources aren't the most responsible juice users and lack having and using pct and I'm not going that route so I'm trying to make sure what I need an find it before I get the cycle. I might try nolva again I'm just worried on getting the sickness like I had last time because I can't function like that. And of that's the case need my next best option. I might try tren at 50 eod for the first week of two just to get a feel before I move to 75 to be on the safe side



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