SuperDMZ 2.0 and LMG-25 Cycle Help

  1. Question SuperDMZ 2.0 and LMG-25 Cycle Help

    Hey guy's question here:

    I've had SuperDMZ and LMG-25 sitting on my desk for about 3 months now because of an injury, but I've still been in the gym 5 days a week since. I'm thinking about starting my 2 week pre-cycle prep with:
    Milk thistle and Hawthorne Berry

    2.5 Years serious training
    Diet on point
    Previous Cycle Experience: Hdrol(Broken heel bone last week of PCT)

    Super DMZ RX 2.0...20/20/20/20
    LMG-25......100/100/100/100/100/100 (maybe I should run it 4 weeks?)
    CEL Cycle Assist.....8 caps daily
    Creatine Mono(Staple Supp) 5g daily (OK to use during cycle?)

    Liquid Tomaxifen....40/40/20/20 (Here is my main question. I heard Nolva can't be used as SERM with LMG. Is this true?)
    PES Erase
    Creatine Mono

    I have all these products on hand.

  2. I wouldn't use Creatine on-cycle

    Pct looks good use erase as 0/0/3/3/2/1

    Also LMG at 100mgs for 6 weeks might be over kill. Please check that anyone?

  3. That's exactly how I was going to dose the erase. The 100 mg 6 weeks of lmg would cover my two bottles exactly give or take a few days.. I just started the cycle today. I'm thinking of doing this as my first log because it is a pretty sweet ph cycle. Thanks for your feedback brother

  4. Good luck that's one serious cycle

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