Results from Test E cycles (pics)

  1. Lightbulb Results from Test E cycles (pics)

    Hey guys!

    I have had a hard time finding successful Test E only logs. It would be great to share as many pics/logs as possible in this thread, for all newbies like me to see!


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    This was 10 months, from top left being the beginning. Others were 8 and 10 months later. First cycles ever *** 2 test e cycles (in 10 months time) 500 the 750 mg. I also used dbol but whatever.

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  3. Amazing progress!

  4. Swole as f!

  5. Wax or shave your chest?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Lholden1220 View Post
    Wax or shave your chest?
    Shaved... I waxed one time waxing myself. I'm real hairy and the pain was unbearable. Looking into laser removal.

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