1. m1t/4ad/m14add

    Hi after consideration:
    i will be doing this kinda "wet" cycle

    wk 1-2 20mgs m1t/1g 4ad orally per day
    wk 3-9 150mgs m14add/600mgs 4ad

    I have some formestane on hand to run on cycle for anti e
    any recomendations for formestane doses?

    also I went against stacking the 2 methyls even though i read some threads where people felt that m14add combatted the lethargy of m1t better than 4ad.
    Its just easier on the liver. And i prefer the test base.

    Also in the mix:
    swole v2
    creatine mono
    milk thistle
    n large 2

    Pertinent info:

    I have not worked out in 3 and half months due to things out of my control.In that time i gained 10lbs but my bodyfat increased by 10%.
    This is more of a "groove" stack as it will get me back in the mix quicker.

    Day 1:

    I weighed in at 243, noticed a little lethargy from the m1t even with the 4ad on the team but it takes a bit to kick in.
    But 30minutes after my swole v2 serving i was alot more energized.(maybe we have something here).
    Did legs today felt pretty good nothing special to report.

    Day 2:

    I'm normally sore out of mind after legs but only my calves were a little sore, good. I worked chest today and did the kind of volume i use to do when i was in some of my better condition. I did a total of 20sets of heavy chest work and 9 sets of intense ab work. Remember this is my 1st real chest wkout in nearly 4months! I'm writing this post at 3:21am my time and i still feel the pumps. Incredible.

    One strange thing though I'm down 3lbs! Is that normal do you think it's bodyfat reduction as i look tighter. I know its only day 2 but I visibly noticed the difference, and the scale dosent lie(even though i wish it would sometime )

    I will post a pictures ever 7 days but I will post one tommorrow as a starting point.

  2. Day 3:

    Well as it looks like no one is interested in this thread,
    Anyway i've gotten my hands on some 1ad so i'll probably be dropping the 4ad at the end of week 2 and throwing in 600 mgs of 1ad and go up as i access tolerance.

    well today was back day but i played 3 hard games of basketball first, didn't feel any endurance kick.
    Afterwards i hit back, it was a short workout but still pretty good.
    Mood is ****edup, i guess 20mgs of m1t and 1000mgs of 4ad will do that.
    Pumps are intense and last at least 12-16hrs.
    lower back pumps are crazy, when i played basket ball my lower back felt like i was doing high rep dead lifts!

    general bs: Lost my damn digital camera.
    My electricity got cut off right in the middle of important wk on the
    computer everything lost and had to redo everything.The ****ed up part
    about it was it was the electric company's fault and they won't reimburse me anything.
    any ideas or comments welcome.

  3. I am interested in this cycle. Nice set up for the cycle. I think with both m1t and m14add you will gain alot. Using m1t as a kicstart for m14add will go well. I am really interested in your m14add gains as I plan to cycle it myself very soon. GOOD LUCK

  4. Thanks undertaker i was about to kill the online thread and just keep personal records.

    Day 4:

    Arms (Bicepts and Tricepts)

    Excellent workout felt exceptionally strong from the start normally my strength increases through my wkout. But it started right from the start.

    Noticeable increasesStrength and Endurance)
    -Did 45lb dumbell curls for 5 never did more than 40's for 5
    -Did Whole stack on Tricept pulldown machine (160lbs) new record
    -After very intense arm wkout still had strength to do 4 sets of dips

    N.I: (Appearance and Weight)
    -I haven't gained a single pound on the scale this whole cycle but the fat loss i've experience gives me a look comparable to a 7~10lb increase.
    -Alot more definition than i expected, on my first 2 m1t cycles just got bigger, but i know how to eat now

    Negatives and sides:
    -I noticed a marked increase in soreness so i added citruline malate at 2x doses a day,
    it's helping alot. Weird thing is if a do a mild wkout to a sore body part it helps the soreness,crazy huh?
    -testicular atrophy, thats my surefire way to no if i'm shutdown or on my way to being shutdown. It's ok though proper pct always keeps you safe if you are not frivolous.
    -It's becoming more and more challenging to control my emotions. It's not totally out of hand but I'm aware that if someone told me something remotely not to my liking they might end up in ICU!

    Day 5:


    Very bad wkout. I was supposed to take today off but 2 things screwed the potential of the wkout up.
    1. Didn't eat nearly enough for my type of leg wkouts.
    2. I could physically tell i needed the day off but i let the mental psyche send me to the gym.

    Did 5 sets of squats, some heavy bag wk (boxing), and ran on the track, to try to make up for the leg wk out.

    N.I. (Strength and Edurance)

    N.I. (Appearance and weight)
    -shoulders actually look better. Havent worked them in months. Maybe got indirect work from squats, that happens sometimes.
    -pumps are pretty much perpetual now.No matter what time it is after my first meal of the day something is always pumped and harder.

    I have thrown in milk thistle and other liver and prostate aids to be on the safe side since this is the revised cycle. I pretty much decided to go for the bread and butter, because i won't be going on another cycle for at least 4 months.

    wk 1-2 20mgs m1t/1gram 4ad
    wk 3-9 150~200mgs m1,4add/800mgs 4ad/600 mgs 1ad
    wk 7-9 100mgs m5aa to harden up

    will keep proper items on hand in case of gyno or other issues
    to have leaner gains may ramp up 1ad and ramp down m14add.

    Thanks again to everyone. And be safe out there.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by constantmover
    wk 1-2 20mgs m1t/1gram 4ad
    wk 3-9 150~200mgs m1,4add/800mgs 4ad/600 mgs 1ad
    wk 7-9 100mgs m5aa to harden up
    I think it might be wise to drop the M1,4 for the last two weeks, so you can let the M5AA kill all the water weight and you won't have to stack methyls. I noticed diminishiing returns from the M1,4 after the first 4 weeks or so on my cycle, so I don't think you'd lose much.

    Don't drop your thread man, I'm interested in seeing how it goes, and you never know when somebody will want to do the same cycle you're doing. You're thread can be a great reference.

    Good luck!

  6. Thanks alot Robinkuwait i appreciate your comments.

    Day 6:

    Really felt the effects from overtraining, today i was sluggish and noticeably weak. But as the day progressed i felt better and better.
    Today and tommorrow will be used as rest days.

    N.I. (Strength and Edurance)
    n/a rest days

    N.I (Apperance and Weight)
    Didn't weigh in today will do next weigh in monday day 8.
    Looking leaner and fuller starting to notice a lil bloat from 4ad, but nothing to be alarmed by.

    Negatives and sides:

    libido down, It's funny i'm mentally horny as hell but physically,like whatever.
    acne starting to really come in now but still not a problem.
    lower back is really tight and hurts from time to time, nothing to bad but more of a pump type hurt, as if i did some high rep good mornings.
    Attitude stil ****ed up but getting more manageable as i'm expecting it to be ****ed up.
    It's more of a aggressiveness not anger per se', but a " machoism" if thats a word.

    And Robinkuwait i think i'll take your advice as far as dropping the m14add the last 2weeks to allow the m5aa to clean up the bloat.
    Stay tuned .........

  7. Day 7:

    Nothing reallly to report as far as wkout since it was a off day.
    What was noticeable was i didn't wake up until 7:00pm!!! Granted I went to sleep at 6:00am that's still longer than usual.
    I've notice lethargy even with the 4ad in the m1t but it's different than when i did a m1t cycle alone, when I did it alone i would sleep 14hrs some days!!
    But the lethargy now is more when i slow down, like if i'm watching tv or doing something sedentary, I get tired but if i was to get up and do something i would kick right into gear.
    As far as recovering from my brief overtraining these two days have worked wonders, and tommorrow some weights have hell to pay

    If any body was wondering what type of wkout style i'm doing
    its a hybrid of sorts kinda like a high intensity strength wkout.
    example: I'll do 5 sets of 5-6 of bench press with almost 5 minutes rest between sets and then flat flyes high reps about 3sets with 60-90seconds rest, then heavy incline dumbell press, then high rep dips. I think you get the picture, this has worked wonders for me because it has alot of challenges.

  8. Day 8:

    Today was my first shoulder wkout in atleast 6 months, I actually stop working them because they grow so fast and i wanted my chest to catch up, well it has and I had a great wkout. It was heavy and fast. Great combination for intensity.
    I was only taking 30-90sec. rest and maintaining well. Can't gauge strength because like i said i haven't worked shoulders in half a year.

    Noticeable Increases: Strength and Endurance
    Felt very strong and had excellent endurance. Totally recuped from brief overtraining stint.But i think i know what caused it,the last 3 days my diet has been less than stellar and normally when i'm not eating a ton of food when i'm wking out hard it tend to recover slowly but that maybe anyone.

    Noticeable Increases: Apperance and weight
    As i noted at first I wasn't gaining any weight, i actually lost 3lbs, but as i said i didn't gain on the scale, i was losing bodyfat and noticing a fuller and more defined look.
    Well to add to the good news I still feel i'm losing bodyfat but now i gained 4lbs up to 247lbs.
    What's cool from a psychological standpoint,is my friend's girlfriend commented on how good i'm starting to look and asked if i been working out.
    And I'm starting to get those "He's a kinda big dude" look at the gym which fuels the ole ego
    Even though I do this for me, I like the attention of being in good shape, and when people comment it lets me know i really making decent progress,because people only really notice sizeable improvements.

    Negatives and sides:

    I call this the lose/lose side, when i want to go to sleep i can't, when i finally go to sleep i sleep to damn long.
    Mood is still ****ed up, but now its more bitchy, which hate more than anything. If i was just angry i could channel that but being irritable is not easily channeled or translated positively, small things have been driving me crazy but i'll survive.
    Stay tuned chest tommorrow got some goals to bust lets go..................

  9. once you swtich over to thje m14add you will gain more weight, but youll gain some of that fat back too.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by UNDERTAKER
    once you swtich over to thje m14add you will gain more weight, but youll gain some of that fat back too.
    I disagree. In my experience M1,4 will bloat you while youre on it, but I don't think you'd gain fat on it unless your diet is off.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by constantmover
    I call this the lose/lose side, when i want to go to sleep i can't, when i finally go to sleep i sleep to damn long.
    Mood is still ****ed up, but now its more bitchy, which hate more than anything. If i was just angry i could channel that but being irritable is not easily channeled or translated positively, small things have been driving me crazy but i'll survive.
    For the insomnia, some melatonin or valerian root might help knock you out.

    The moodiness just sounds like M1T. One of the many reasons I'm never touching that compound again .

  12. You may be right Robin....as for your mood Constant, it is something your just gonna have to deal with, it comes with the territory. If trouble sleeping and mood swings are your only sides from m1t condsider yourself lucky.


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