First Cycle - Excellent Gains

  1. First Cycle - Excellent Gains

    I am about 11 days into PCT after my first cycle - 4 weeker:

    Week 1 and 2
    M1T 20mg
    LGP 1T Hydroxytest - 8 pumps
    LGP 4AD+ - 8 pumps

    Week 3 and 4
    M1,4ADD 100mg
    LGP 1T Hydroxytest - 8 pumps
    LGP 4AD+ - 8 pumps
    M1T 20mg - last 5 days

    Weeks 5 to 8
    Nolva 60/40/20/10

    The photos and weights were taken first thing in the AM after a good piss and dropping off the kids at the pool.

    Day 1 - 159 lbs
    Day 19 - 173 lbs
    Day 33 - 180 lbs
    Day 41 (11 days into PCT) 175 lbs

    I pretty much doubled the amount of food intake for the 4 weeks - 6 to 8 meals, including 3 or 4 hefty protein shakes a day. Sometimes I'd get up to eat the middle of the night just to make sure I kept the protein flowing.

    For training, I would stick to mostly multi-joint movements and stay in the 6 to 10 rep range. I wasn't able to squat effectively since I lost my belt during a recent move, but I made sure I made up for it with leg press. Recovery was extremely quick. I was always able to hit the same body part after just 2 days of rest and continue to make gains - Upper, Lower, Off, Upper, Lower, Off.

    The first 3 days were tough... lethargy from hell. On about the 4th day, until the end of the 2nd week, my chest felt like it was coming off my body and I felt pumped like I was constantly growing. Incredible feeling!... with the exception of the lower back pains.

    During week 3 to 4, definitely felt bloated from the M,1,4ADD, but still felt great during training. I threw M1T back in and was going to continue for a total of 6 weeks until a buddy talked me out of it. That's why I threw it back in for only the last 5 days.

    Been on PCT for about 11 days now. Eating slightly less than I was the first 4 weeks. Lost about 5 lbs in the first 4 days. The last 5 days or so my weight has been consistent at 174 lbs (+/- 1 lbs). Strength seems to be increasing slightly and bench is going up still. Body seems to be hardening up a bit. Will continue with Nolva for the next couple of weeks. I am totally siked for the next cycle!

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  2. ... right. Ok, the pink top on the second pic is really not your style or color , you should do that in green instead. Also, you have something yellow on your face... LOL jk. Anyway, awesome gains, 16 lbs is a significant increase in weight, congratulations !
    I have a question for you. Did you experience any joint discomfort, particularly on the elbows, shoulders, wrists and knees?

  3. I only had lower back pain. My back would get knotted up, which at times, made me walk around like I had a keg belly...

  4. I'd recommend a cut cycle with mohn and 1t for your next cycle (after taking a few weeks off after PCT)

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