How to get prohormones

  1. How to get prohormones

    I've been interested in starting a pro hormone cyle but I can't find any and what type is best

  2. You can't find any, have you tried google? Find some logs, google the compound used....or is that giving sources HAHAHA
    I don't go lift, I don't go workout, I don't go train....I go get as fwuark!!!!!!!!!

  3. They're everywhere.
    I think nutraplanet may even sell some of LG's.
    Androfactory has a couple out right now as well and more products on the way.
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  4. If you're not trolling and are serious, you are not ready for this. If you had to ask this without even considering the various avenues you could have researched an answer to your question here, the amount of research you'll need now will be more than you can deal with.

    Search bar on this site. Sticky threads on compounds, pct, dosing, normal cycle do's and don'ts, diets for gaining, recomp, cutting, side effect/gyno prevention/mitigation. There is a LOT to using steroids, and prohormones convert to steroids or are actually steroids sold under that name. It costs 40 bux for the prohormones but you'll spend 400 for the whole cycle with pct and cycle support easy. And lots of reading.

    Take your time. Google is your friend. Don't rush this, and if you're not 21 yet then gtfo of here and go lift naturally until you are, AT LEAST.

    If you're at least 21 but won't take my advice researching things you could just go buy one of the new expensive LG pro's and follow the directions on the bottle. You'll hardly get more results than natty training, but what did you expect when you didn't research enough to know they're almost worthless standalone?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jtravaille View Post
    I've been interested in starting a pro hormone cyle but I can't find any and what type is best
    Hello i am internet. have we met?

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    Hello i am internet. have we met?
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