Bloodwork Help! Cause for Concern

  1. Bloodwork Help! Cause for Concern

    Into the middle of my first test-e only inject cycle and I started noticing an odd pain in just below my rib cage area. A bit freaked I immediately got some blood work done.

    Few area's came back concerning. Should I go see a doc right away? Any recommendations? I've added a new Liver Support by source naturals and tried to increate h20 intake. My Bun/Creatine ration is low 6 (Range 8-19), this is odd because I was under the impression that test e wasn't harsh on the liver.

    The hormone panel is giving me High Test (no shock) can't register the full level.

    Very Low LH (add in my HCG now?) and FSH levels (almost non-existant) and Slightly High Estradoil (increase adex?)

    Please help thanks, big concern is the BUN/Creatine combined with the strange feeling in my ribs.

  2. did some investigative googling on this and it sounds like there's a good chance it's either: too much water or not enough protein. sounds like two things easily fixed. it can also be a sing of a MAJOR liver issue / advanced liver disease. as all other liver readings are coming back normal i'm inclined to assume it's not that. decreasing h20, upping the protein, will report back

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