2nd cycle/1st time tren

  1. 2nd cycle/1st time tren

    Hi i'm 32, 5'5", 175 lbs, and been a long time since i been checked but i'd say around 15-18% bf.

    This will be my second cycle. My first was Test E 250 and deca 300 pined m/th. I gained 19 lbs total then lost about 5 within a month. The only sides i experienced was some bloating, kept in check by a stricter diet. For my next cycle i planned on uppin my test to 300 or 500 and tryin Tren E 250 in place of deca. And this is where im gettin a lil confused. Im seeing many say to run a lower dose of test then tren but seeing many running higher test then tren. So which is correct. Would an even 250/250 be better? Also i see a few posts that say if u have no problems on deca then u will have no problems on tren. Is this correct? Also is tren the same as deca as far as not usin nolva for pct? I have clomid/nolva/arimadex on hand, just tryin to work out the rest.

  2. I know it's your second cycle but in my opinion there's no need to go to Tren there's EQ there's Dieball there's raising the dose of the test and Dacca as many other places to go before you go to tren that's just my opinion.

    Excuse the run-on sentence I'm using voice technology not typing

    Also I've cycled many times and tren's just not for me even at 150 mg a week it kills me and I get every side possible So be on the lookout for that

  3. Never start with tren e start with tren a, Tren x2 test x1 tren kinda bitch slaps test at the receptor level unbound test leads to more aromatase activity. The only thing that binds better to receptors is methyl tren.

    2 parts tren to one part test normally leads to less sides.
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    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards

  4. If that was pointed at me I only had 200 mg of test of the time

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