Tren 150 w/ Test 400 Cycle

  1. Tren 150 w/ Test 400 Cycle

    I am fixing to start a cycle of Test 400 with Tren 150. I have been working out for 4 years now. I'm 27, 6'1 200lbs. I decided last summer to do a 12 week cycle of just test 400 at 0.5cc 2x's per week and was happy with my gains. They were as follows (before test and after test):

    - Before = 195 lbs
    - After = 215 lbs

    Bench Max
    - Before = 285 lbs
    - After = 315 lbs

    Squat Max
    - Before = 315 lbs
    - After = 350 lbs

    Deadlift Max
    - Before = 405 lbs
    - After = 445 lbs

    I'm not quite sure what dosage of Tren I should do per week with the Test 400. I do know that I want to pin 3 x's per week with it though and the test every 3 days. A buddy of mine told me to do the Tren at 1cc per week and split that up into 3 pins/week, which would be around .40, .30, .30. Does that sound right? I've never used Tren before so I don't need to shoot up like crazy because I'm not sure how my body will react. Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!

  2. I am currently running tren but before I did I read up a lot and found the best way to run tren is high tren , low test. The reason behind this is less sides. I have not seem any sides so far and have gone as high as 500 mg in one week. I am currently running

    Tren 100mg eod
    Test p 50 mg eod

    Not sure why he would tell u to run it 3 times a week though that would mean u r going to have 2 day laps which I would think would cause unstable blood levels. U need to pin ace eod or ed. As far as the test u r using I would almost be inclined to pin a very low trt dose once a week and pin the tren at 100 mg eod. That's my opinion.

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  3. That wouldn't seem a bit high for a 1st time user like myself? I've heard a 1st time user should go about 50mg EOD of Tren and if thats good, go up to 75mg EOD...I appreciate your opinion though for sure! You've already helped me out tons just with that response. Still tryin to learn.

    Also, if I do both EOD, I can put both in the same pin, right? Since both are oil based?

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