Ultradrol Cycle For Cutting/Cardio Performance

  1. Ultradrol Cycle For Cutting/Cardio Performance

    OK I just finished my 3 week ultradrol cycle. This was something totally different and I thought I would share it. I needed and wanted to see what a cycle would do to boost lean muscle, cut, and improve athletic performance. I decided to do this for a jump start for a new job. Bare with me this is done on my phone and if you have a problem go f yourself.

    Age 25
    Exp:6 years off and on weights/cross fit/running.

    Ultradrol 8/12/12 last three days at 16
    Multi Optimum/Animal Pak On Cardio Days
    Mirconized Creatine
    Organ Shield
    Fish Oils

    Clomid 50/50/25
    Finiflex Revolution Black PCT
    Finiflex Pure Test
    Liquid Joint Support

    After PCT
    Milk Thistle
    Cranberry Extract
    Joint Support

    I will try to keep this short and dry. Its pretty long and strenuous.

    Week 1 2 3
    3 day split Weightlifting/ Monday Tuesday Wednesday. Standard weights. Leg days only consisted of squats due to the cardio output.

    Week 1 2 3-This is kinda mixed
    7 days a week cardio based workout!
    -Day 1 3 5: would consist of Biking either mountain or road. Approx 1hr sessions. Hard tail mountain bike or fixie road bike.
    -Day 2 4 6: would consist on running or hiking. One day slow and far, other short and fast
    -Day 7: What ever I felt like, a easy day of hitt.

    Week 1 2 3(done approx 3 days a week)
    Two Primary Goals during this time, they were done early sometimes at night due to work.
    Cross fit circuit, very mild though.
    Standard PT circuit-Pushup, Sit ups, and pulls ups.

    Results(sorry no specific weight or times recorded I lost progress due to all the PT)

    Weight training went well, weight did increase, nice pump but very achy joints, I did put on some nice lean muscle.

    Cardio I progressed like no other! Right out the door my endurance skyrocked. This area I watched really closely, BP did jump due to the compound, also my joints took a beating I highly recommend a strong joint support in liquid form. Hiking sky rocketed especially with weight. A big thing that did slow some progress was the massive pump you get especially in the calf's and quads. As far as legs, they cut up very nice and very very very noticeable lean muscle in calf's quads hams and glutes!!

    I threw some cross fit in there to mix it up and trick some muscles. As far as my circuit went I did not excelle in it as much as I would have wanted to. Pushup got to much pump even with the sit ups, and I went negative in my pullups, I could not cominsate for the weight I was gaining.

    Gained 8 pounds
    Approx lost 3 % bf

    Side effects
    Achy Joints, due to all the exercise
    High BP standard 110/50 on cycle 135/80
    Lethergy last week on cycle
    Pissing to much

    Overall this was a great jump start!! Cheating would be the best way to put it. The human body is not suppose to do this much and recover and accelerate at this pace. I would recommend doing this cycle again but absolutely I mean absolutely be safe rest eat clean and pay very close attention to your body!!!
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