Hi there,

Sorry if i'm posting in the wrong area. A friend of mine(he doesn't know english ;s) saw cyclopentylpropionate testosterone selling, and he wanted to know more about it.

As he didn't find anything about it in portuguese, he asked me to help him out find something. Here, in the label, says "ultra-slow-testosterone", as it claims:

"Testex ester is a long-acting testosterone. It is an anabolic slightly stronger than enanthate containing testosterone and is chosen by many. It is an anabolic excellent because it gives a lot of strength, and also a lot of willingness to practice and so on. It is recommended for a good cycle."

Only found that it acts on plasma, making you only feel the effects after the second week

1- Have anyone heard about it?
2- Got info?
3- Cycle?
4- PCT?
5- Etc?