1Andro-RX and cutting

  1. 1Andro-RX and cutting

    I have recently gotten chosen to run a log for 1Andro-RX. I am trying to tighten up, lose a little weight and raise my endurance. I saw this opportunity and thought that I would be able to finish what I have started. I recently finished a non-stim fat burner and lost a few pounds. I am currently running a stim based thermo fat burner. I changed up my diet the since doing this and have started training with a personal trainer.

    My meals are 4-5 times a day - minimal bread only before leg day and leg day. No complex carbs after 4 pm mon-fri only protein and veggies. No meals past 7pm. 510am gym sessions 2-3 a week and sat and Sunday(depending on work schedule) first meal is post workout 630am.

    Now my question is am I going to tighten up/thin out doing this with a PH? I haven't seen many reviews/logs of this and just wonder. I noticed that the main ingredient (derived from DHEA) was cut in half, from what I read to reduce cost.

    I want to get the most out of this. I believe it's 4 caps a day is what is expected. I need help to decide on when to take and how to stack with vitamins and other supplements. I dont want anything to skew 1Andro-rx results, or basically use something that is simular and me not be able to report accurately.

    I will divulge any info I have of what supplements I have (not many) mostly just vitamins, basics like fish oil, vitc, generic multi, garlic, cinnamon, CoQ10, b complex.

    Ill be getting some stuff as soon as tax money comes in, I just want to get the right stuff. I need to definitely research a lot of these other PH that are around, however I don't plan on buying anytime soon.

    I used LG PH-19 and was pleased with the gains, just not the anger(I quit drinking alcohol the last weekend of tHE PH I did not ask that question Joe did I mention I drank. Needless to say I am going to ask too many questions this time around).

    I am a noob when PH's are concerned. I am willing to learn and take advice and criticism well.

    Thank in advance

  2. Saw I had some Fenugreek, MACA, DHEA up in the cabinet. Insulin and cholesterol/triglycerides will be better maintained during. When consuming sugars in foods I should be able to regulate it better to get even more out of IRONMAGLABS 1ANDRO-rx? MACA and DHEA should be good to throw in durin or after/pct right?

    During pct would it still be beneficial to continue using fat burners?

    What about a pre workout.... I think a low stimmed product is better right? NO product?

  3. I would spread the dose out 2-3 times per day on the 1-andro.

    I like pre training stims and NO products. I use Pyro and Nitro4

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