1. 1test/4ad

    This is gonna be my first cycle, im going to purchase some
    Power LGP 1-T and
    LGP 4-AD+
    and I was wondering what the best dosage amount would be, im 20 and i weight about 120lbs, been liftin for about 2yrs. Im not too fimilar with transdermal and how to apply it and where to apply it. I read you apply it on the areas your going to work out, and i also read it placed on areas with less skin like the forarms. Help plz...

  2. if you're planning on this cycle i would suggest running the 1-test and 4-ad at 500mg/day. i hope you have a post cycle lined before you start and your training and diet are both in check, otherwise you won't notice much from the dermals. areas to apply the dermal: i reccomend shaving the areas you are going to apply, such as upper arms, thighs, chest, forearms, even the tops of your feet..lol. the dermal will have no effect on the body part you are lifting with, so that doesn't matter. make sure the area(s) you applied the dermal are completely dry before clothing and especially working out. the sweat will wash it off. also, taking a shower before you apply the dermal can help open the pores and increases the absorbtion. like i said, hope you got your pct lined out before hand and you know what you are doing. good luck bro.

  3. Yah thanks man, im gonna get on some nolvadex. Im going to do it for 3wks, start at 40mg/25mg/10mg. Would it be to long if i ran the cycle for 5wks and then a 3wk PCT?
    Im hoping 1 bottle of each will last me about 5wks.

  4. wait until you are 21 and have packed on 80lbs
  5. Dude you need to invest in some food!

    Let me first start off by saying if you are 120lbs get yourself some food, protein powder and creatine. You do not need any prohormones or steroids.
    Second do not listen to the person who told you to take 500mg of 1-test a day. I'm 260 lbs and an experienced user I don't even need that much.
    500mg of 1-test dermal for 1st cycle is retarded. Lets do some simple math here.
    1000mg of 1-test cyp is considered a hefty dose for an experienced user. 1000mg of 1-test cyp will give you about 700 grams of 1-test/week. For the sake of argument if I choose a value at the lower end of the spectrum for transdermal abosoption say 30%(Would probably be more like 40% if done right but we'll go 30 here to show how obsurd this is) 500mg * 7 days = 3500mg a week 30% of 3500 is 1050mg/week. 500mg 1-test for a 120lb person is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.

  6. 500mg 1-test for a 120lb person is a bit ridiculous if you ask me.
    Agreed, steelman, you seriously don't need to use PHs yet, you should buy some before they are controlled, but don't use them until you gain a good 40-50 pounds. How tall are you, and what is your diet like? Post these along with what supplements/vitamins you are taking right now and we'll help you out.

    I'd reccommend buying a bulk supply of a weight gainer, such as NLarge2, or just start eating like there is no tommorow, especially carbs before bed.

  7. im 5'6, im taking protien shakes and glutamine, i was taking creatine before it really did not do much for me. I eat a lot of grilled chicken and rice. take in about 2000-2500 cals a day. Ive been taking 100% pure whey for about 4 months gained about 4lbs. So im at 120-125.


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