Nolva tabs to torem?

  1. Nolva tabs to torem?

    So I planned a cycle out and made some purchases around Christmas planning to run in mid jan but a cruise popped up So I pushed it back, now I'm ready, I didn't get my serm because I felt I had enough torem from a previous cycle in the fridge, also while in Mexico I was drunk and walked in a pharmacy and bought a pack of nolvadex tabs 10 mgs but only 30tabs
    So my question is if I don't have enough torem could I jump on Nolva or the other way around? I'm pretty sure I have 4 weeks of torem in the bottle if i do 90 for a couple of days then 60/30/30

  2. What is the cycle?

  3. Stano 800/800/800/800/800/800/0/0

    Epi 0/0/45/45/45/45/45/45

  4. Anyone?

  5. Sooooo it's cool to jump from tabs to RC chem?

  6. Why not just buy another bottle of torem?
    Is this going to be your last cycle?

    I wouldn't be comfortable doing two different chems like that. It's fine to go from tabs to research but I dont think switching from nolva to torem is a good idea.

  7. Yeahs I guess, every cycle is my last cycle.... Lol jp it's really only my second cycle I thought the same to just get another, but if I can save 40-50 bucks hell why not, purchase protein... guess ill keep the Nolva handy since its good to have, and plan on getting more torem in a couple of weeks since its a longer cycle and all... Thanks for the input, still open to more wisdom


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