Epi 2a3a 2nd Cycle... Need some input...

  1. Epi 2a3a 2nd Cycle... Need some input...

    What's up guys... About to start my 2nd cycle. 1st PH cycle of Goliath was Fkn AWESOME.. about to start a cycle of Epi 2A3A. AS of right now I am going to run Epi for 5 weeks... 30/30/30/40/40

    Additional to that I am taking Cycle Assist, Fish oil, B-complex, Vit C&E, and MSM (for joint support)

    Post cycle I will do Nova 40/40/20/20, with the above nutrients, Cycle Assist, and Post Cycle 3x and DAA by Vital labs!!!

    I train hard as hell and eat pretty clean. Does all this sound good? Is my pct overkill? Better to be safe than sorry right? was originally going to go with an OTC PCT (PostCycle3x by Vital Labs) but didnt want to run a cycle without having the proper SERM on board.

  2. bench : 385
    squat : 600
    dead : 350

    wtf is up with those numbers?

    only thing id add is make sure you have tuarine for any pumps. and you might want an otc ai too

  3. The bench is flat bench... Squat is dead on but on a bitch machine. Dead lifts I need to improve. Thx for heads up!

  4. Also those were stats from 1st cycle

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