Ways to tell if it's a fake AS!

  1. Ways to tell if it's a fake AS!

    *Disclaimer: this is not my own material, this is just me passing along information I thought would be useful. Hopefully this helps the community and fosters new growth amongst new users.*

    The following Counterfeit tests should help:

    Vial vs Ampoule: Use the guide to determine if an item comes in a Vial or an ampule.

    Ampules, self enclosed glass containers, are much more difficult to counterfeit than are Vials. If an item is made in an ampule, do not purchase it if you find it for sale in a vial.

    Air bubble test: The ampules should not have any bubbles in the glass. Liquid yes, glass no.

    Parabolan: 95% of Black market Parabolan is fake. It is only made by one company in France.

    Nandrolone: This is the most common counterfeit. Nandrolone comes in 50, 100, & 200 mg/ml strengths. The 200 mg/ml is more often faked -- the 50 mg/ml strength is less often faked.

    Vial's metal ring: All vials contain a metal ring and a rubber stopper. On many fakes, the ring can be rotated with your hand. Never on a real product.

    Rounded corners: 90% of the lables on steroids have rounded labels. Sustanon is the exception with square lables. Stamped on or

    Burnt on Date: On all Steroids, there should be an expiration date and lot number. On legitimate products, they are burned, stamped, or ink jet sprayed on the box and or label. On many fakes, they are printed with the lable -- maybe not in the same color ink -- but in the same print process. On a real AS, it is always a separate process.

    Scratch test: The silk-screened lettering on an Amp should not come off when scratched with your fingernail. Loose Pills: Always to be avoided -- the easiest counterfeit. American Domestic Drugs: Never make it to the black market -- if you find them there, they are fake. Guide lists everything: Everything you find on the streets should be in the guide.

    Liquid Level Test: One of the best tests. When purchasing multiple vials or amps, be sure to line them up in a row to make sure the liquid is all the same level. On a fake, often the liquid will not be even in all bottles.

    Quality Label Test: There should be no bubbles in the label. The label should look quality.

    Enjoy, safe cycle & happy lifting !

  2. these apply to ugl's or pharmaceuticals only? id imagine some ugl make theirs with good product, but some half assed labels lol

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