Wrathchild's Recomp - SD/Halo/Tvar (pics)

  1. Wrathchild's Recomp - SD/Halo/Tvar (pics)

    Hey guys im starting up this log for a recomp. I may end up doing a physique show in may but my primary focus will still be football. I play competitively and the recomp would work nice for either of my goals. This is my second ph cycle. In october i ran dmz/lmg for a solid bulk and im now throwing back in HIIT workouts along with my normal lifting. I plan to make the main focus here to lose roughly 1-2 percent bf while increasing my weight roughly 8-10 lbs.

    Stats: 6' 1" ------------------------------(Goals)
    Weight 202 --------------------------------210+
    Bf % 12.5 roughly but may be lower---->10%
    Bench: 350 1 rep, 225x23----------------375+
    squat: 405---------------------------------425+
    deadlift: 425 ------------------------------450+

    On Cycle

    Lgi SD - 10/10/10/10--------------------4wks
    Lgi Halo-50/75/75/75/75/75------------6wks
    Lgi Tvar- 0/60/75/90/90/90-------------5wks
    Cycle assist
    fish oil------------------------------------6g ED
    cranberry juice-------------------------1glass ED
    *Aromisin - 6.75mg ED (may or may not use but i have on hand if needed)
    *Clen - (may throw in towards end or pct)


    Torem - 120/60/60/30
    DAA - 3/3/3/3
    Creatine - 10g ED

    Current pics
    Semi relaxed

    Couple uncertainties at the moment.
    If im not mistake the tren is a progestin?(correct me if im wrong) So im runnin the inhibit p and p5p.

    If aromisin was dosed at 6.75mg ed would it help me stay a bit leaner?

    Would clen help out like i think it can by running it maybe end of cycle or through pct?

    Thanks guys, ill make sure to keep ya updated every couple days.

  2. Day 1: So basically guys i started this thread ten days after getting started. I will skip to the current day im on and start logging from there.

  3. Day 12 -

    Weight- 206(+4)
    I would say that yesterday was the first day that i really felt anything. The halo i wouldnt expect to feel this soon and the Tvar im only on day 9 because i threw it in a few days late and plan to only run for 5 weeks. So its safe to say im feeling the sd and and possibly the tvar starting to come on. A bit noticeably of an increase in vascularity. Nothing much else to report

    Few pics-

  4. day 15:

    Had a good back and bi workout. hit 5x5 on heavy deads last set i got 365x5 not a pr but not the worst. Also hit weighted close overhand grip pullups 4x6 last set was with 50lbs and did a dropset with no weight. 2 more days and i will be upping the tren to 90. Im at the half way point on the sd but will decide when it comes down to it whether or not to continue for a total of 6 most likely will not though.

  5. still following man - strong physique cuz!

  6. Day 20: Weight 210 (+8)

    So i just bumped up the tren to 95mg ED and the form of tren i used was rizen from SL which has epi in it. Im dropping the halo because there was a strong chance it was a bunk but i knew that before i started this cycle. So i have about 10 more days on the superdrol and then another 3 weeks roughly of tren left at 95mg and the epi i will do @


    I just started up Aromisin at 6.75mg ED

  7. not to self: chest day yesterday hit 4 plates each side on incline hammer strength for 8 reps and final set dropsetted one plate each set for 8/8/8/10


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