Hello, wanted to know if i can get some help while on this cycle. i plan on taking the dieselboaln stack from mr supps. i have read that some other things can/might be used to help you with your pct. this is what i plan on running

Dieselbolan Weeks 1-4
Forged Bromo 1-4
Forma Stanzol 4-8
Forged liver support 4-8
Forged pct 4-8
HcGenerate 1-8

i also plan on running a natural decent test booster with the pct. So im asking is it okay that i run 3 test during the pct?
Also recently i have been trying to lean out. So my diet now is 5 meals a day 3 big and 2 small. Small meals usually consist of either meal replacement or chicken. As for the big meals i usually just measure it with my hands EX: protein would be 2 open hand fulls/ carbs 1 closed fist full/ and 1 hand full of veggies. Since i have been doing this i also run everyday for 20 mins trying to just cut off some body fat. Someone suggested me this stack to get the results that i am looking for. Lean up get rid of the extra fat, all of my fat i am trying to lose is on my lower stomach, ot exaclty sure about bodyfat but im satisfied with everything else. Also if you can suggest me a good natural test for the pct. Also if u can tell me how i should change my diet possibly 85% of it contains chicken, rice, potatoes. Help would be appreciated thanks

22yrs old
weight 195
I Have done 1 cycle prior (spawn) bad idea i know.
lifting for about 4 years