Ep-Stane Cycle G2G???

  1. Ep-Stane Cycle G2G???

    Goal: Lean Bulk
    Stats: 5'9" 170
    Calories: 4,000 current +500 on cycle
    Joint Support, Fish oil, Multi

    Week1: 30mg Ep-Stane/CycleAssist
    Week2: 30mg Ep-Stane/CycleAssist
    Week3: 45mg Ep-Stane/CycleAssist
    Week4: 45mg Ep-Stane/CycleAssist
    Week5: 45mg Ep-Stane/CycleAssist
    Week6: 20mg Tamoxifen/3g DAA
    Week7: 20mg Tamoxifen/3g DAA
    Week8: 10mg Tamoxifen/3g DAA/3caps Erase
    Week9: 10mg Tamoxifen/3g DAA/2caps Erase
    Week10: 2caps Erase
    Week11: 1cap Erase

  2. Looks pretty good. I would run it like this if it was me; Run 45 starting week 2 (assuming no sides), run Epi for 6 instead of 5, run Cycle assist straight through PCT and add in some creatine week 1 of PCT. Creatine doesn't have to be fancy bulk mono would be fine.

  3. ^This. I ran epi for 4 wks and got great results tho at 40mg so I guarantee 5wks will be sufficient if you're not comfy with 6. Def run the cycle assist through pct; the nolva is hard on your liver too and you'll need more cleansing from the epi still. Get some liv52 and run it all cycle and post cycle as well, just buy the big 180ct. bottle and run it til it's gone. TUDCA too if you got cash like a boss; you'll be in for another 60 bux to cover this cycle tho.

    This is just bro-science passed down to me, but creatine mono for 10g/ed through pct (obv using no creatine on cycle). Works well for me. It is a fact that creatine helps w/ cortisol tho so using creatine in pct is scientifically sound.

  4. OK, yeah i was gonna do six weeks but I just wanted to make the most out of one bottle. Definetly going to run cycleassist throughout though. Thanks man.

  5. NP, hope its a good cycle.



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