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  1. Question 1st Time Cycle

    Hey guys,

    So this is my first time on this thread, and also my first time cycling on more than just small doses of T. I'm in need of some solid advice for cycling with what I've got.

    I'm thinking of taking 2 CCs per week of test. cyp for 12 weeks.
    I was going to stack 0.5mgs of Arimidex every third day of this cycle as well.

    I've also got a bunch of HCG and I'm trying to figure if I should use it for PCT or during the cycle? I've used it before post cycle and felt great and kept strength. If I use post cycle I'm looking for dosing opinions. I was going to go 10 days straight at 350IUs every day, starting 3 days after my last injection.

    Oh yeah, and I'm injecting 1cc of test twice a week so it's not all at once.

    Any recommendations on what I should tweak?

    BTW, I've been lifting for year and years. I'm 240lbs, squat is 500, dead is 600, and bench is 360. I'm not some skinny dork and thus I'm looking for good solid advice...


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  3. this is a very common topic and there are multiple threads on the subject. are you also asking if you should have pct?
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  4. Thanks man. Yeah, there are tons of threads.

    Basically I just wanted someone to weigh-in on my cycle to see if it seems reasonable. I've got tons of HCG so the amount is not the problem, just trying to figure out the dosing schedule during PCT. A couple of guys mentioned that I could run HCG along with my test and other have said to run it post cycle for 10 days or so...

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