Can I squeeze in a short cycle?

  1. Can I squeeze in a short cycle?

    I did my first cycle last summer ending in early october: test cyp 10 weeks, 300mg/wk with anavar 50mg/wk1-5. Had good strenth gains and definately put on lean mass while cutting BF. I did a pretty mild 3 week pct with just nolva. Unfortunately 2 weeks after my cycle I had a motorcycle wreck and was out of the gym for like 2 months which, as you can imagine, destroyed my gains. I got my blood work back today and was pleasantly surprised: Total Test 564, Free test 14.21! That's actually higher than the blood work showed before I did the cycle! (Total test was 474 pre-cycle I think) So, heres my question: my plan was to start a 12-16 week cycle of cyp in mid-late april and run thru the summer. However, seeing that my natural test has apparently rebounded completely, I'm considering starting a 6 week cycle of cyp and anavar now, take 6-8 weeks off (nolva pct) and that would put me at early to mid May to start my longer cycle 0f 12-16 weeks. I've read all the threads about time on equals time off and all that. Does anyone have any input or experience with running a longer cycle right after the short time off from a short cycle? Is there any reason this is a bad idea? Thnaks!

  2. bro, you don't want to run cyp for only 6 weeks... its a long ester and it doesn't even start to kick in until week 5... that's a complete waste... even prop for 6 weeks is too short...

  3. yea if I had any prop I know that'd be better....So even if i ran anavar 75mg/daily for the first 3 weeks and maybe even front loaded my first one or two shots of test, you think that's pretty much a waste huh? It's just frustrating as hell to be killing it in the gym and getting awesome gains and then suddenly be out of commission for 2 months and i'm back to square one. A little bit of my reasoning was also that I have 3 bottles of cyp but it's not a brand I've used before, so i figured I could get some blood work done around week 4 to make sure I've got good quality stuff for my summer cycle...

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