Trying to plan upcoming cycle with Prop+Tren. possible var

  1. Trying to plan upcoming cycle with Prop+Tren. possible var

    Been out of the gear scene for awhile and lots of things are a little different. I want to put together an upcoming cut cycle for summertime and get back to my prime. Im thinking about going with Test P and Tren A. Loved the way the results have turned out on friends with the 2 and want to give it a shot. Not to far back I did a good bit of research on anavar and from what ive read there were some great results so I was thinking about maybe throwing that in for 4 or 5 weeks? Or would it not be needed with the tren? Im Looking at going for a 12 week cycle I notice some people will do test all 12 but tren only 8-10 of the weeks. Is there a reason for this or should I go with tren the whole time? Some research ive done says dose tren/test at a 2:1 ratio. I was thinking about maybe 400/200 for the first 3-4 weeks then bumping it up to 600:400. Also With pinning I see some people do every day and other eod. With these esters dont they need to be pinned everyday or is eod ok? Ill stick with these couple questions for the moment. Appreciate the feedback!

    Oh Im 26 years old 220lbs as of now. I plan on getting to at least 210 if not leaner before I start which will put me at about 15%bf. Ive run a couple epistane cycles between 21-22 years old. I did my only injectable at 23 which was test C @ 500mgwk 12 weeks and Dbol for the first 4. Which I loved the results. Need anymore info just let me know.

  2. your best bet is to run a 8-10 cycle if your going with prop... run test prop, tren ace and anavar...

    1-10 test prop 100 mg eod
    1-8 tren ace 75-100 mg eod
    5-10 anavar 60-80 mg day
    1-10 aromasin 12.5 mg eod
    1-8 caber .5 mg e3d
    5-10 cycle assist
    5-8 hcg 500 ius week
    9-10 hcg 1000 ius week

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