T3/Clen for PH recomp?

  1. T3/Clen for PH recomp?

    Hey guys im starting my second ph cycle which will consist of halo and sd. Im looking to do a recomp and im curious if i should add either of these two in that being the t3 and clen? Im only running 10mg of superdrol for 4-6 weeks alongside halo for 50/75/75/75/75/75. I may end up doing a mens physique show in early may but at the time being im sitting at 6 1' 208 and 12.7 percent bf(supposedly but thats just a guess from a new ymca trainer). The goal here for me is to primarly lose a couple percent of bf and realistically i believe i can still add a couple pounds of solid weight as well as a little bit of strength. Any advice for what you guys recommend for my situation would be great, thanks.

  2. Does the clen help with actually directly losing fat if your pushing it or does it kind of just help me keep my muscle while cutting?

  3. id rather do a sd-epi bridge with clen. t3 = fuk no for me though

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