M,14ad & 1-test transdermal

  1. M,14ad & 1-test transdermal

    I searched on this & didnt find this specificly: Has anyone used a
    cycle of m1,4ad and straight 1-test transdermal?? No 4-ad in the mix.
    I have seen m1,4 & s1+ posts but i want to avoid bloat and just go for
    lean gains. Kinda thought the m1,4ad & 4-ad trans would be too wet
    Anyone tried this? Or is my logic way off?

    and if i missed a thread on this, link me & delete this thread. Thanks.

  2. If you are looking for really lean gains, I think you would pretty much have to avoid both M1,4ADD and 4AD and go with dryer compounds. M1,4ADD converts to dbol at a pretty decent percentage. Alternatively, you might look into running something like nolvadex during cycle or even an aromatase inhibitor like arimidex or the stronger femara(letrozole), all available as research chemicals.

    I like the idea of running a M1,4ADD and 1-Test cycle, but you just need to make a few modifications if you want to keep the bloat down! 1-T transdermal + M1,4ADD could very well be run for a 6 weeker and afford some nice gains in size/strength.

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