sust/tbol first cycle

  1. sust/tbol first cycle

    Looking to do my first cycle, haven't ran anything in 5 years, last time I was on anything was superdrol, and then a 1AD cycle. I'm 24, 5'10" 208lbs ~10-12% bf, diet is in order as well as training routine. My tentative cycle is looking as follows:

    weeks 1-10: Sust @ either 125mgs MWF, or 250mgs Mon/Thurs
    weeks 5-10: Tbol @ 50/50/75/75/100

    weeks 10-14: Clomid 150/100/50/50

    I will have nolva on hand if need be, kinda wanted to avoid clomid and nolva all together if I don't need the nolva and run just HCG halfway through the cycle into PCT, need help on a good dosing/frequency protocol in that area if anyone can help greatly appreciated. I will also be taking my fish oils and AI cycle support etc, any constructive criticism is welcome.

    *** I have mild ulcerative colitis, I'm on lialda once a day for it, no interferences as far as I know but if anyone has experience please chime in.

  2. **EDIT

    Sust @ 125mgs Mon, 125mgs Weds, 250mgs Fri


    250 Mon/Thurs

  3. maybe 375 sust/week and 200 deca/week and scratch the tbol? hairloss is a concern too


  4. bump

    500 sust/week
    300 deca/week

    need help on that hcg if anyone can help

  5. bro, this is a mess top to bottom... deca is a very poor choice for a first cycle... what are your goals from the cycle? you also don't need 500 mg of test at all... 350 will be plenty, especially on a first cycle... tell me your goals and i will set you up a proper cycle...



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