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  1. Day 13: Back/Biceps

    Lat pulldown: 200x7 180x2 3 sets
    One side lat pulldown: 90lbx6 2 sets
    Chin ups: 200x6 3 sets
    Seated rows: 160x8 1 set 180x6 2 sets
    Bicep curl z bar: 95x6 65x3 3 sets
    One hand Preacher curl: 25lbx7 2 sets
    Standing crunches: 100lbx10 3 sets

    Pretty good day got an extra rep on almost all of my lifts. The pumps were retarded especially in my forearms and biceps they felt like exploding. Im checking up on my weight tomorrow again and hopefully ill have at least a pound mroe after bumping up the calories to the 3500-4000 range.

    My epistane is already on its way and i plan to add it starting the 3rd week and continue on to the 7th week for a total of 5 weeks at 30/30/30/40/40 doses.

  2. If changed some things in the main post according to the updates im doing to my cycle. I do have a couple of questions. Is there anything I should add to my PCT, ive read Epistane doesnt need a SERM, would the Revolution PCT and the Arom-X be enough? If not what else should i get, im not really sure where to get nolva or tamoxifen so id have a problem with that. Other than that im looking for a Liver protection for when i start the Epistane any suggestions are welcomed.

  3. Get a SERM. Epi definitely needs a SERM. It is very powerful, and it will shut you down. It is a big risk to end up with Gyno if you don't SERM for your PCT...

    Nolva would be fine, 20/20/10/10. Make sure you get is ASAP so you can jump on if anything goes wrong and you have to pull the plug.

    Just google research chemicals. When you start finding research chem sites, you can google "is ****.com legit?" ( With ****.com being replaced by the Chem site). This should bring up a bunch of reviews so you can read and find out who is selling legit chems

  4. Thanks a lot for the tip i will definietly look into it.

  5. I managed to get Tamoxifen citrate and I will add it to my PCT as you suggested.

  6. Day 15: Chest/shoulder/tricep
    Terrible day, i injured my right rotator cuff again being dumb adjusting the seat height on the latdown machine on my last back/bicep day. Anyways i worked what i could and hopefully it'll get better before my next back/bicep day.

    Cable crossover: 50kgx7 3 sets
    Chest press: 155lbx8 2 sets
    Seated dips: 223lbx7 3 sets
    Triceps cable extension (one hand): 60lbx8 5 sets

    My weight did go up tremendously im up to 180lb somehow and im pretty sure if it wasnt for my injury i would have seen some impressive lifts. Hopefully this will be the trend on my next leg workout.

  7. Day 17: Legs/trap/abs
    Very good day. Very good mood throughout the workout. The shoulder injury is getting better although it had nothing to do with my leg day.

    Hack squats: 275x10 1 set 295x7 2 sets (again deeep and good form)
    Leg extension: 180lbx8 3 sets
    Leg press: 450x7 3 sets (wide stance deep reps)
    Calf press: 450x12 3
    Stading crunches: 115x7 3 sets
    Pulley oblique (new excercise dont really know how to call it) 65kgx8 2 sets
    Traps on calf raise machine: 100lb x10 6 sets

    Lots of energy, very good workout, hoping to heal that shoulder asap, on the mean time i guess my next workout will be isolated arms to prevent stressing the rotator cuff. As far as sides im very good no mood swings, my libido is actually kinda weird i get random boners just walking, not even aroused. No back bumps or anything like that. On a side note I went to a rave after my chest day with only 5 hours of sleep in me and somehow I partied till 4 in the morning going hard without getting too tired. Its very nice to have all this extra energy.

  8. Day 19: Bicep/Tricep/Traps
    Z bar curl: 95x5 65x4 3 sets
    One hand preacher curls 25x7 3 sets
    Hammer curls: 35x8 30x4 20x5 1 set
    One hand cable tricep extension: 35kgx7 3 sets
    Cable extension: 160lbx6 3 sets
    Rope cable extension: 50x8 40x3 30x4 20x2 1 set
    Trap machine: 105lbx10 4 sets

    Arm day due to shoulder injury. It was ok im really hoping my shoulder gets better to train for real gains. No sides so far, excellent mood and energy.

  9. Day 22: Bicep/Tricep

    Shoulder is still not fully recovered although it does feel like its almost there. I got sick the past 3 days so i decided to rest. Hopefully ill be able to do legs tomorrow and in 2-3 days start with chest and back again.

    Z bar curls: 95x5 85x2 75x2 3 sets
    Z bar curls palms-down: 75x8 3 sets
    One hand preacher curls: 25x7 3 sets
    One hand palm up cable tricep extension: 30kgx7 3 sets
    One hand palm down cable triceps extension: 35kgx8 3 sets
    2 handed cable triceps extension: 85kgx7 3 sets

    Other than being sick, which is actually turning out to be a short cold, and the injury im feeling good. No side effects at all. Im up to 181-182lb which considering my recent injury is good. Libido is good, no moodswings and well theres been lethargy but im pretty sure its mainly because of the sickness.

  10. Day 23: Legs/Traps
    Squats: 275lbx8 285x7 285x6 275x7
    Leg press: 450lbx7 3 sets
    Calf press : 450lbx15 3 sets
    Calf machine shrugs : 115lb x 15 3 sets
    Standing crunches: 115lbx10 2 sets

    It was an ok workout i was lacking energy was still sick so yeah. I made some progress on the squats so thats good. My shouder is getting better so hopefully ill do back in a couple of days.

  11. On a sidenote, Im an not 100% sure if this is true but ive read about the mood improving effects of epistane and even though i was not really looking forward to it or really concerned ive been felling really positive and just happy the past 2 days. Its been over a week since i started epi at 30mg ED and Im hoping its because of this. The feeling is really enjoyable quite comparable to a dopamine "love rush" in my experience.

  12. Day 25: Back/Biceps
    I worked out negatives for my back exercises to prevent further damage to my freshly regenerated shoulder, which paid off since i had no trouble with it. I did however get a good workout and my muscles feel really worked out. My negative reps are about 5-7 seconds of deloading phase.
    Lat pulldown: 160lbx5 140x3 5 sets
    1 sided lat pulldown: 75lbx6 4 sets
    Bent over barbell rows: 100lbx5 2 sets
    z Bar curls: 90x6 55x5 3 sets
    one hand preacher curls: 30lbx5 3 sets

    It was a very good first back workout since I injured my shoulder, hopefully the workout itself will help strengthen my shoulder. Like i posted above, my mood is incredibly good lately and i hope it stays that way, i dont know if you can call that a mood swing but ill take it anyday.

  13. Day 26: Chest/tricep/Shoulder
    Cable cross over: 90lbx8 6 sets
    Cable tricep extensions 1 arm: 80lbx6 6 sets
    Shoulder lateral raises: 10lbx15 3 Very slow negative sets

    Really easy day to test my shoulders and get some action back on my chest without risking an injury. I still got a decent workout and the chest feels sore. Hopefully the shoulder will get back to 100% soon to go back to chest pressing and stuff. Mood is still very good. Im not entirely sure but I may have started to get some testicular shrinkage but it could also be me just thinking about it too much.

  14. One the first page you talked about cutting after your cycle, that is a bad idea imo. If you want to lower your bf I would suggest trying to do it on cycle durning your remaining 4 weeks or so. You are better off lowering your bf with modest gains while on then trying to cut after pct and losing almost everything you have gained.

    Edit: this is your first cycle, even if you recomp, there will be nothing modest about your gains!

  15. Thanks bro, i was actually thinking of doing recomp the last 3 weeks when im going to be off the 4-ad and decavol and only on epistane and osta which are very good recomp products.

  16. Day 28: Legs/traps/shoulder
    Hacks squats: 275x8, 295x7 295x6 295x6 deeps squats
    Sumo deadlift: 265x5 2 sets
    Leg press: 450x8 495x6 540x6 540x6
    Calf press: 450x15 2 sets
    Standing calf (adding trap action): 120lbx10
    Shoulder side raises/ standing shoulder press super set: 20lbx5(slow 7secs rep)/30lbx5 dumbbells.

    Great workout very good mood, my shoulder is getting much better. My weight went up to 184lb which is good and im at my last day of both 4-ad and decavol so well see how things change with just the epi and osta.

  17. Day 30: Back/Bicep
    Lat pulldown (negatives): 160lbx6 140lbx3 5 sets
    One side Lat pulldown (negatives): 80lbx6 5 sets
    Z bar curl: 90lbx7 90lbx6 90lbx5
    One hand preacher curl: 30lbx6 2 sets

    Still test driving my shoulder for back workouts, negatives workout perfectly last week as a great workout and safe for my shoulders so I decided to do it again. This time however I was more confident with it and i felt a couple pops which i hope dont turn out to be something tomorrow. Besides my shoulders im feeling great.

  18. On a sidenote. Ive been doing some more research on different compounds and i stumbled upon GH peptides. I was contemplating adding either GHRP-6 or Hexarelin to either my cycle, my PCT or both. I am thinking it could really help me get over this shoulder problem for good and help to keep the gains and lean out a little bit. I would like some input on the matter since my knowledge is very limited so far.

  19. Day 32: Chest/shoulder/tricep

    Aaaaaand the epistane kicked in. Holy F***ing S**t. Strength, energy and aggresivity through the roof. I wasnt even counting reps i was so amazed by my performance i just went on a roll throwing weights around. My Shoulders werent even bothering me that much except for mild tenderness on my left shoulder.

    Cable crossover
    One hand cable triceps extension
    Shoulder side raises
    Cable crossover flies
    Seated dips
    Cable shoulder press

    Cant really tell you how much I did and how many but i can tell you it was AWESOME. I will try not to get carried away next time and actually pay attention in spite of my excitement. I have been getting back pumps lately but im trying to fix it with some taurine. Other than that my shoulders are getting better. Overall probably the best day in my cycle so far, i only wish my shoulder issue would get completely healed.

  20. Day 34: Legs/Abs/triceps
    Hack squat: 275x8 295x7 295x7 295x7
    Leg press: 450x10 540x8 540x8 540x7
    Calf press: 450x12 540x13 540x12 540x12
    Shrugs: 75lb dumbbells explosive sets till failure 3 sets
    Standing crunches: 115lbx8 3 sets
    Cable cross obliques: 65lbx8 3 sets

    A pretty decent workout considering ive gotten 5 hours of sleep the past 2 days cause of exams. Shoulders are feeling pretty decent. I recently checked my weight/BF and im currently at 185-186lb with 12.2% bf which is pretty decent in my opinion, im pretty sure i started at that BF so its all been lean gains so far.

  21. Day 37: Back/Biceps
    Lat pulldown (negatives): 160lbx7 5 sets
    One handed lat pulldown (negatives): 80lbx7 5 sets
    Bent over barbell rows: 145lbx7 2 sets
    Z bar curls:95lbx6 3 sets
    One hand preacher curls: 30lbx6 2 sets
    Back flies: 30lbx8 2 sets

    Really good day, my shoulders are getting much better. Im at a stable 186lb right now. No major sides so far whatsoever. Hopefully ill start bench pressing again on my next chest day and push those extra gains these last weeks.

  22. Day 38: Chest /tricep/shoulders
    Cable crossover: 67x6 3 sets
    Dumbbells chest press: 75lbx8 3 sets
    Machine cheat flies : 180lbx6 3 sets
    One handed cable triceps extension: 35x7 2 sets
    Triangle cable triceps extension: 95x5 3 sets
    Seated dips: 251lbx7 3 sets
    Seated machine shoulder press: 55lb/side x10 3 sets
    Shoulder side raises+clean press: (25lbx10)+(65lbx5) 3 sets

    Very good shoulder day considering my injury. Im getting back to my chest strength. Weight still at 186.

  23. Day 41: Bicep/tricep/Shoulder

    Z bar curl: 95x7 95x6 (95x5+65x3)
    Cable cross over bicep curl: 35lbx6 3 sets
    One handed preacher curl: 35lbx5 3 sets
    One hand cable tricep extension: 35lbx8 3 sets
    Cable rope extension: 120lbx6 3 sets
    Seated dips: 251x8 251x6
    Reverse lever shoulder press: 70lbx8 3 sets
    Shoulder flies: 30lbx10 3 sets

    Ok so, FML i got sick again on my 40th day of the cycle and symptoms are bad back pain/headache/throat pain/slight body ache. I was supposed to do legs today but i felt like my head would explode if i did so i went with arms. I still however managed to get some progress on some lifts. This sickness is still annoying considering i have around 6 more days before the PCT. Hopefully ill be able to do legs tomorrow and get back on track.

  24. Day 43: Legs/traps/abs

    Squat: 275x8 285x7 285x6 285x6
    Leg press: 540lbx8 3 sets
    One legged leg press: 200x8 2 sets 220x6
    Standing crunches: 115lbx9 3 sets
    Standing sidecrunches: 67.5lbx8 3 sets
    Shrug+calf raise: 95lbx8 3 sets

    Still a bit sick but managed to get a very decent workout. My lower back however was KILLING ME im sure i can attribute this to back pumps+lower back pain from the sickness. This is my last leg workout before i start PCT and change my routine completely. Id say my legs definitely got stronger ive never done ASS TO THE GRASS squats with this weight before and im very happy with it.

  25. Day 44: Back/Biceps

    Lat pulldown (negatives): 160x7 3 sets 180x5 1 set
    One handed lat pulldown (negatives): 80lbx6 4 sets
    Cable crossover lat down: 67x8 70x6 60x10
    Cable curls: 37lb each sidex7 3 sets
    Cable rope curls: 110lbx8 3 sets

    Last back/biceps on cycle. Definitely happy with my progress once i go back to high weight low reps ill trully tell how far ive progressed. The negatives was a really good idea to keep getting gains in spite of my shoulder injury which is id say 95% healed. Weighted myself halfway through the day at 189lb. Tomorrow is my last day on cycle and ill hit chest for the last time before my PCT.

  26. Day 45: Chest/Triceps/Shoulders

    Cable crossover: 65x7 3 sets
    Dumbbell bench press: 85x8 3 sets
    Machine flies: 210x5 2 sets
    One hand triceps extension: 32x8 3 sets
    Overhead cable/rope triceps extension: 110x8 2 sets
    Reverse Leverage shoulder press: 80lbx8 3 sets
    Side raises: 30x10 3 sets

    FINAL DAY ON CYCLE. Great chest day, got back on the bench press, not max weight but good to know im safe to start building up the strength. Definitely improved in many areas, my shoulders improved a lot in the short amount of time i was able to train them. Ill be posting a full review on my cycle soon. Approximate final weight 186lb without any bloat or retained water.

    Starting stats:
    aprox bf: 12%

    Final stats:
    aprox bf: 12%

    Weight gain:
    The cycle definitely gave me some serious gais specially towards the last weeks. Lean gains, i managed to keep my BF at about the same. Due to the fact that my upperbody was restrained because of my shoulder injury a lot of my gains went towards my legs which have gotten seriously big i might have to get new underwear cause its getting tight. My lats improved, my friends even told me i had some serious cobra action going on.

    Even though i had a somewha decent injury during the cycle it got better relatively quick and its now doing very well. I cant say for sure what had to do with it but im happy it recovered the way it did.

    It was great throughout the cycle but especially in the couple of weeks in which the 4-ad and the epistane overlapped, i dont know if its a coincidence but ill definitely include both at the same time during my next cycle to test the theory.

    Im fairly certain my suppression was very mild, I dont really feel my balls any smaller.

    It did very decent. I wasnt horny 24/7 or anything like that but when it was time to throw down i was ready for the action if you know what i mean.

    I had a very good amount of energy during my workouts. They actually ran longer than usual most of the time even though the intensity was very high.

    I feel that the negatives was a very good idea for the cycle regardless of the injury. I will probably repeat this training format for future cycles. I will now start with a strength routine during PCT in an attempt to get further gains and retain muscle mass, which if succesfull will be my protocol for future cycles.

    Individual compound Review:
    Obviously the main contributor to my success in this cycle, im very glad I included this. I will probably include it in future cycles. I didnt really get any of the joint dryness ive heard. It had no gyno or any estrogen sides like expected. Overall a great product.
    Decent product, it probably had something to do with my incredible mood halfway through the cycle. I think it helped to get some of the initial gains. I will include it in further cycles to test out the mood theory and probably in others if it becomes a more affordable option.
    Finaflex 550-XD:
    I really dont know how well this product worked. It didnt bring any massive gains but i do think it contributed to my initial gains. Due to the price I wont be likely to include it in any further cycles.
    Great product overall. Ive used this before as a standalone product and i just feel like it rounds out any cycle and just pushes progress without tipping scales into the side effects. The price was very decent so im very likely to include it in my next cycles.
    LOVE this product. Its become a stable in my supplement inventory. It wont do miracles like prevent an injury from being dumb but it certainly helped to get through it and train somewhat decent even while injured.

    Overall a very productive cycle and i cant wait to start my PCT and see if i can top this some more gains. I will be making a new thread for my PCT since im going to be trying a new approach. Thanks to everyone who was following this and i hope it helped you out.


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