Hey guys Iv been dieting for about 8 weeks thus far, and tommorow i am going to start my Epistane/Trenazone cycle... Main goal is shredded as fuark.... I will log anything and i feel worth mentioning and will post my weekly cutting videos as well and macros... this weeks macros are Training day macros 200p 330c 45 f , off day macros 210p 280c 45f , everysat is reefeed 180p 440 c 40 f ... how ever macros change weekly .. cardio is 4 times per week at medium intensity 300 cals per session elliptical.. everything is subject to change this is just for this week. well this is where i am starting from vid taken yesterday night..... iM prob around 15 percent bf tried to link video but it appears i cant because i do not have over 150 posts so if you care go on youtube and my name on there is stettstraps. LETS GET IT ! o yea and training sheduel is as followed.. mon upperbody str , tues lower body str wed off, thurs chest shoulders triceps hypotrophy , fri back rear delts traps hypotrophy saturday , legs hypotrophy..