Aftermonths of debating and tons of digging through web articles and readingcountless threads and logs, I believe that I would like to run my very firstcycle of ph. Let me first start off by saying, compared to you guys I don’tknow a damn thing, however I have come here seeking your wisdom and guidancegained through personal experience to perhaps enlighten me. I am 21 years oldand have been lifting roughly for about 6 years now. Ive taken my training very intensely thesepast two years by cleaning up my diet (currently eating between 3800-4000 cal aday) and lifting with intensity and a lot more focus (5 days a week, focused onstrength and hypertrophy), my current body comp is 6ft tall/ 208lbs/ 13% BF. My current lifting stats are asfollows: Bench:280lbs/ Squat: 375lbs/ DL: 425lbs. My main reason for wanting touse a ph is to increase strength and help gain some body mass.

I have decided to go with Epistane as my phmainly due to its general positivefeedback as being one of the more “milder” and more “first time user friendly”ph’s.

1) Before I begin my cycle I plan on preloading with Hawthorne berry and milkthistle 2 weeks out.
2)Ive read that low doses of epi are pretty much a waste of time and money,apparently the so called “sweet spot is either 30-40mg. I believe that I wouldstart my first cycle like this: 30/40/40/40. I will also be taking organ shield and fish oil as directedthroughout my cycle, as well as using glucosamine to combat “dry joints” thatsome people may experience.
- Thisis where my questions begin, do you guys think that for a first time ph userthat this is a good cycle start (duration included) or do you think I shouldmodify?
3) Now for the PCT, this part in particular has been pretty damn complicated tryingto figure out, which is a big reason why Im posting this. I have on handTamoxifen/ Titanium XL/ and and AI called Erase. As I understand it having aSERM at the end of an epi/cycle is pretty damn important, so with that beingsaid I would run the Tamoxifen like this
Week 5:40
Week 6:40
Week 7:20
Week 8:20

Now the question arises is the SERMsufficient, should I also use the T-booster and AI? If so how should I dose it?

Guys I know Im asking a lot ofquestion, but that’s how I learn. I’ve come to really trust the opinions ofpeople on this website. I just want to do things the right way; any advice atall would truly be appreciated.