Help with ID on clomid/nolva!?

  1. Help with ID on clomid/nolva!?

    I'm getting ready to start my second cycle of cyp and anavar. Last year I did 10 weeks of cyp and after a ton of searching to get confirmation on my "clomid", someone informed me that the "clomid" I bought, was actually adex.... and the "adex" I was taking thru my cycle was nolva. F me, right? Based on that info I used my remaining nolva for pct. I had pretty good gains and didnt notice any gyno which I think I may be a little prone to.
    So, anyway, I just picked up my order today. I ordered 2000mg of clomid and 3000mg of nolva. The nolva that I got today looks just like the nolva that I got last time (which he told me was adex) so I'm pretty sure that's legit. It's round and a sort of pinkish color with no markings. When I looked it up last year someone said they think it's IP. Has anyone had this nolva. (it has almost a sweet taste to it, kinda like advil)
    Sorry this is wordy, but my big question is on the clomid. The tabs I got today that are supposed to be clomid are round, light blue and have IP marked on both sides. (no numbers) Any threads I have found say that this sounds like IP's winny, but those threads are 8-10 years old so I highly doubt they're accurate for what I have today. I dont want to finish up 12 weeks of cyp and use winny for pct!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Anyone have any thoughts at all? I checked back with my source and he said the blue IP's are clomid 50mg. I'll post a pic. I've never had clomid so I have no experience with the taste, etc like some posts I have read. I broke a tab just to see and it seemed pretty dense/hard to break. Almost had to bust out a knife and cut it. It does have a slightly bitter taste but not overpowering and it didnt linger in my mouth for an hour like some people say.

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