Sarms S-4 log

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  1. Also, I have 3 bottles Halo, 2 bottles Epi, 4 bottles trenazone, and 1 bottle m-sten rx. The m-Sten seems so tempting. Anybody have experience with it or care to share some knowledge about it? I really like the sound of it. Im trying to figure out my next cycle.

  2. Sarms S-4 log

    Any update on the S4? Interested in running this either during a ph cycle or during pct and after
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  3. Well I bridged it into the cycle I am running now. It is obviously not as strong as aas but its decent. I don't think the vision sides are worth it imo. I would much rather try ostarine. I didn't really see any strength gains. I liked the endurance though

  4. I wouldn't run s4 in pct since it is suppressive. My test after taking it was a def down a little bit


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