Sarms S-4 log

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    Have you tried taking it with an AI such as Erase or other? it should help with your sleep.
    I have a full bottle of erase. Ill maybe start using like 25mg a day or sonething.

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    I used s4 at a single 30mg dose only on days i worked out (usually 2 on 1 off or 2 on 2 off) and STILL had vision sides. Light to dark, adjustment time was delayed buy 10-20 seconds.

    * always took my dose preworkout, about 30-45 mins before due to the four hour half life.
    Did you get bloods done after you used the Sarms? Was your estrogen and test levels effected?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by da_tank55 View Post

    Did you get bloods done after you used the Sarms? Was your estrogen and test levels effected?
    I didnt get any bloods done.
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  4. Day 13

    Had to go to the doctor since I have an ear infection. This has been a tough week. Sick and my hip injury has been kicking my butt. Pushing through though! On the bright side my blood pressure is 119/78. Yeah!

  5. Day 14

    I am noticing more acne on my back and chest. I know s4 is androgenic but I dont know if it is from that or the fish oil. I tend to break out when I take it.

    Still running strong with 60mg a day! Might switch up the dosage to 30/30. 30 in the morning and 30 preworkout. I haven't noticed any libido change or suppression. Boys are still hanging nice and low. One thing I can pinpoint from the s4 is the vascularity. Veins are popping!

  6. Also, I have 3 bottles Halo, 2 bottles Epi, 4 bottles trenazone, and 1 bottle m-sten rx. The m-Sten seems so tempting. Anybody have experience with it or care to share some knowledge about it? I really like the sound of it. Im trying to figure out my next cycle.
  7. Sarms S-4 log

    Any update on the S4? Interested in running this either during a ph cycle or during pct and after
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  8. Well I bridged it into the cycle I am running now. It is obviously not as strong as aas but its decent. I don't think the vision sides are worth it imo. I would much rather try ostarine. I didn't really see any strength gains. I liked the endurance though

  9. I wouldn't run s4 in pct since it is suppressive. My test after taking it was a def down a little bit


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