Been awhile since I've been on here or ran a cycle. Anyways picks up some trenazone and havoc.

Experience: Lifted naturally for years. Ran previous cycles including havoc back in the day, dbol, hdrol, Superdrol, and tren.
23 years old

I've ran havoc before I believe something along the lines of 20-30mg for 4 weeks. Ill be getting after this stack this way:

(If no dose is mentioned it's by the label)
CEL cycle assist
Liver Longer
Milk thistle

On cycle

Havoc: 30/30/30/40/40
Trenazone: 1/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5 (tentative, I may tweak it a bit.

Clomid: 100(half week)/50/50/50
I have some arimidex from a previous go. I'm not sure if ill use or not. Input on that would be cool.

Hawthorne Berry and taurine are available and will use as needed.
Creatine will be introduced during the cycle into pct if I decide.
Glutamine is also on hand I might introduce that at the start of the cycle.

Ill post my diet later on.

Cycle will start Friday, and I will post any updates or tweaks I make before starting.