17 years old, 117lbs 5'10 looking to cycle

  1. 17 years old, 117lbs 5'10 looking to cycle

    [Jk guys, hows my actual cycle look]

    Age 21
    Been training for about 7 years, 3 seriously
    BF- around 15
    First injectable cycle, have run superdmz last year once with nolva

    12 weeks of test E at 500mgs, split into tuesday friday
    Gonna run exemestane at 12.5ED a week in
    PCT of Nolva at 40,40,20,20 and clomid at 100,50,50,50

    Would it be overkill to kickstart with superdrol and end my last two weeks on test and the two weeks before PCT with methadrol

  2. Lol at the title

  3. i thought it would attract people lolol

  4. Sd kickstart=instant gratification.

  5. Yep. Title got me. Well played, sir. Haven't run any of those, so I'll just say good luck and have fun with it.
    Training log:

  6. In to fallow this one.
    "No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of Physical Training...what a Disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the Beauty and Strength of which his body is capable."-Socrates


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