I now Have Nolva coming, I've been preloading on purus labs organ shield for about 2 weeks.and take it on and off cycle. In about 2 more weeks, I will start hdrol, 50/75/75/75/75/75. Have Milk thistle throughout this same with cycle assist and Hawthorne. I have bcaa, mega men multi, fish oil, potassium, b-12and other b vitamins, lecithin, calcium with vitamin D. and serious mass weight gainer.i have Erase too but haven't researched completely yet on dosage and the best way to use it. I have havoc and liquid trenbolone, mdrol.also have pct assist and am going to have to get more SERMs I guess. U guys think clomid? I'm not planning on running all these compounds at once but will stack something. Suggestions anyone? They are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!