Let me start by saying I know most of you who respond to this will think I'm an idiot for even running the 4 PH Megaplexx in the first place but I have some honest questions to anyone who is willing to help me out. I'm 28, 6'5", 260lbs. This is my 4th PH cycle. I've taken Sust250, eMonster, and Winabol. I decided to go big with Megaplexx which has 15mg HALODROL +7.5 mg SD+10mg Dymethazine+22.5mg Max LMG per pill. I've run this at 3 pills a day spaced out evenly. I'm also taking with it: Protex Cycle Assist daily, OptiMen Vitamins, BCAA's, Fish Oil, Beast Creapure, and eating very clean. I've ended my 3rd week today, with one week left to cycle, and I've had truly amazing results thus far. For my PCT, I've got a bottle of EPG Arime PCT stage 5 to block estrogen and boost test. Along with that, I have a bottle of Myogenix Hardcore Test to further boost test levels, and Myogenix Liver Fix. And no i dont have a SERM, and yes I know thats a rookie mistake, but I wont be taking one. Here comes even more craziness. I've decided that when I finish the Megaplexx, I've got a bottle with 30 pills of Americeutical SuperMass Caps. Those have 10mg Superdrol and 25 mg of Halodrol-50 in each cap, which I plan on taking 2 a day spaced out evenly. So after the Megaplexx, I'll have 2 weeks of SuperMass. My questions are for advice on when to start my PCT. I've come up with a few options and would really appreciate any input. My first thought would be to start the Arime Stage 5 when Megaplexx is gone and take it in conjunction with the SuperMass for two weeks until SM is gone. Then I'd still have 2 weeks left of Stage 5 PCT to take with the Hardcore Test(3 weeks worth) and Liver Fix(4 weeks).(another ? would be if I should take the 2 weeks of Stage 5 by itself then follow it with the 3 weeks of Hardcore Test+Liver Fix or just take them all at the same time). My other thought would be just to finish with Megaplexx, do the 2 weeks of SuperMass, and after both PH are gone, then start the PCT+Test+Liver Fix. Like I said before, I know most of you will not agree with what I'm going to do, and would never do it yourselves and I get that and respect it, but I would like your input to help me with my decision because I am going to do one of those options. I guess why I'm wondering about when to start PCT, is because I didnt know if any of the PH in megaplexx would start to aromatize if I went straight into SuperMass and didnt help myself by taking the PCT with SM. Im going to be honest and also say I also didnt know if starting PCT while still on cycle would interfere with what I'm trying to get out of taking the PH's. And last, I didnt intend on taking SuperMass directly after Megaplexx, I just ran across a bottle yesterday and snatched it up. I had thought about just waiting a few months to cycle it by itself, but with only 30 caps, enough for a 2 week cycle, I dont think Id get much out of it. Plus i've already got the halodrol and SD in my system so Im just going with this 6 week cycle. No im not a troll, yes ive done as much research on my own before starting this as i could, and im just trying to do the right thing to get the best results since im going to be taking all this harsh stuff anyways. thank you guys in advance for any and all advice you provide i really do appreciate it.