Shock's GOTIME Log. (Test Prop/Superdrol/Epistane)

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  1. Day 8:

    Pin: 75Mg Test Prop (Left Delt)
    Dose: 20Mg SuperDrol (Split)
    8MG Aromasin


    Just pinned. I must admit, the constant pinning of Test P is a pain in the dick. Pinning the left Delt also sucks because aspirating with one hand can get difficult and cause some unwanted needle moving inside the skin. = Bad PIP tomorrow. Either way, no pain, no gain. So GTFOI.

    About to head to work, then hit the gym later.
    COD. If you XBox, freaking HMU son.

  2. UPDATE:

    WOW. Just stepped off the Scale...
    First, let me note this. My vascularity has been STUPID, I've been borderline dehydrated, and I feel DRY.

    Weight: 241.4 (+5.8 )
    Start: 235.6

    Day 8, and I'm up 5.8 lbs.
    Must be Glycogen CITY.
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  3. Vascularity shot. This is right now.. Right at the weigh in.
    Was NOT this veiny last week.
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  4. UPDATE:

    Day 9

    Pin: Test Prop 75MG (Right Delt)
    Dose: SuperDrol 20Mg (Split)
    Aromasin 10MG


    PIP from yesterday is HORRIBLE today. Definitely the worst I've had all cycle. Haven't weighed in today, and may not. The next 2 days are supposed to be off days, but I might throw in some cardio or Abs.
    Had a rough night last night, so well see what's next. No matter what, killing it is in the future. Ready for this soreness to lessen from these ED injections.

  5. UPDATE:

    Day 10
    Weight: Same As Above

    75 MG Test Prop (Left Quad)
    20 MG SuperDrol
    12 MG Aromasin


    Okay, it's time for my rant.

    I read so much about pinning Prop ED because of the 48 hour half life, and the fact that at pinning EOD if pinned perfectly, it's still half gone. My goal was to avoid the half-to-full spike in the bloods.
    I also originally thought, as I was told, PIP gets unnoticeable eventually. I hardly believe that now that I've read that it's the Acid from the Prop ester giving the pain. Nice to know. That Ester isn't going anywhere, so neither is the PIP.
    I will say that the PIP doesn't bother me half as bad as the mental struggle of sticking a needle in myself ED. It's hard as hell to develop a split around PIP and I don't look forward to popping TNol before every session.

    I'm going back to the original 150MG EOD route. For now anyway. I'm going to see if the sides worsen. With my ancillaries, I've heard MANY cases of EOD being fine. And if its half gone by the next pin, it leaves 75Mg still active which was my ED dose.. So..
    I basically feel like I'm wasting time, needles, etc.

    At the start of week 3, I'm bringing in 80MG EOD of Mast Prop. Low sides, sick recomp results. I look forward to it. I'm running 3.5 weeks of it, then going to the proposed Epistane. Or maybe I'll get more Mast? We will see.


    GYM: Chest/Biceps

    This post is long enough already, so I'll edit the workout in later. I DID hit a PR of 225x3. Very pumped. I haven't put 225 on the bar for a set since before BootCamp. Stoked the hell out of me.
    Not to mention my Vascularity is outta control.


    I can tell the SD is doing some WORK on my liver. My appetite has plummeted which is a telltale sign of Liver Stress. I'm upping my NAC and Milk Thistle dosages tonight. I ALSO feel warm 24/7 and at night it's the WORST. SD maybe?


    We will see.
    Tomorrow I'm pinning 150MG of Prop.

  6. UPDATE:

    Day 13
    Dose: 30 MG SuperDrol
    12.5 MG Aromasin


    As I started on day 10, I went back to 150Mg EOD. My next pin, tomorrow, for the start of week 3 will look like this:
    150 MG Test Prop
    100 MG Masteron Prop

    I upped the SuperDrol today because I wasn't having any bad sides from it. No sides at all actually. Not even back pumps. I'm going to see how it feels at 30, since I only have a few days left to run it anyway.

    Very excited to see how this Masteron plays out!!
    I also have some Winstrol coming in! I'm most likely switching the Epi for Winny to be as lean as possible as the cycle ends...

    Updating with Pics/Workouts later today. I have been killing it, i promise.

  7. The test negates any lethargy youd get from the sd. Im only getting slight back pumps. Your weight up any? You should be on swoll mode with everything your runnin big bro
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  8. I'm up a few pounds. Around 6 from the start. Not bad for 10 days keeping it clean.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ShockTroop View Post
    I'm up a few pounds. Around 6 from the start. Not bad for 10 days keeping it clean.
    Yea thats a solid amount bro
    Psalms 62:1-62:2


    Pumps were so insane. Strength was stupid. And omg.. The FINEST chick I've ever seen in my life was doing shoulders behind me. In yoga pants. With a half sleeve. And visible abs through her shirt.
    Lord help me..



    I hit a Kai Greene style Leg Workout, and through in some Shoulders. I'm killing delts every chance I get on this one because I feel it's where I lack. I hit a PR of 10x315 on squat. Next time, I'm upping the weight a little.. But I've been hesitant to go over 315 without a belt.
    The back pumps during squat had me wanting to lay down. But I felt so freaking intense.

    Maybe it's because I weigh 240, but I wasn't seeing much from Super at 20MG. And maybe, just maybe, today would've been the "kick in" day for 20 to tell..
    But 30 ROCKED my world.
    Stand by for sides...

  11. Day 14:

    Pin: 150 MG Test Prop
    90 MG Masteron Prop

    Dose: 30 MG SuperDrol (Split)
    8MG Aromasin


    I dropped the Aromasin dose with the addition of Masterons AI properties. I will note that the Pin wasn't as smooth now that the Mast is added. Stung going in. Anyone felt similar with Masteron??

    Will update as day goes on. Motivated.

  12. Updates?
    Psalms 62:1-62:2


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